Oxy-Track Torches

Kloeckner Metals is proud to offer oxy-track torches for the precise and efficient cutting of metal sheets and plates.

Oxy-Track Torches

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are oxy-track torches?


    Oxy-track torches are a type of automated cutting torch used in metal fabrication and industrial applications. They are designed to provide precise and efficient cutting of metal sheets and plates, with minimal operator intervention.

    They typically use a combination of oxy-fuel gas and a computer-controlled torch to cut through metal. The torch is mounted on a track that is guided by a computer system, which can be programmed to cut specific shapes and sizes in the metal.

    The computer system uses CAD/CAM software to create a cutting path for the torch based on the desired shape and dimensions of the cut. The torch then follows this path, cutting through the metal using a precise combination of oxygen and fuel gas.

    Oxy-track torches are commonly used in industries such as shipbuilding, automotive manufacturing, and heavy equipment fabrication, where large quantities of metal sheets or plates need to be cut with high precision and efficiency. They are particularly useful for cutting thick metal sheets or plates, where traditional manual cutting methods would be slow and time-consuming.

    Overall, oxy-track torches are an advanced technology that allows for precise and efficient cutting of metal sheets and plates, making them a valuable tool for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

  • Are oxy-track torches used for aluminum, carbon steel, or stainless steel?


    Oxy-track torches can be used to cut a variety of metals, including aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. However, the specific type of torch and the parameters used will depend on the metal being cut and its thickness.

    For example, cutting aluminum typically requires a lower oxygen flow rate compared to cutting carbon steel or stainless steel. The torch also needs to be carefully calibrated to prevent melting or deformation of the aluminum sheet.

    Similarly, cutting thicker carbon steel or stainless steel sheets may require higher oxygen and fuel gas flow rates, as well as a more powerful torch.

    In general, oxy-track torches are versatile cutting tools that can be used for a wide range of metals and thicknesses. However, the specific settings and parameters used will depend on the specific metal being cut, as well as the desired cut quality and efficiency.

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