G235, G115, G65, G90 Galvanized Steel

Kloeckner Metals is proud to stock G235, G115, G65, and G90 galvanized steel.

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Typical Standards

GradesSize Range
G9010 Ga. - 20. Ga.48"96" - 120"
G11510 Ga. - 20. Ga.48"96" - 120"
G6510 Ga. - 20. Ga.48"96" - 120"
G23510 Ga. - 20. Ga.48"96" - 120"

General Info About G90, G115, G65, G235

G115, G65, G235, and G90 galvanized steels have been cold rolled and placed in a zinc bath for improved corrosion resistance, making it especially suitable for outdoor applications. The weight of the zinc coating is indicated by the number following the G. For example, G90 indicates that the zinc coating is 0.9 oz/ft one of the most popular galvanized steel carbon flat roll products available. G90 and G65 tend to do better in higher moisture environments, and G115 and G235 are mainly reserved for specific applications requiring a thicker zinc coating. All of these galvanized steel grades are used in the solar industry, architecture industry, and HVAC industry among others.

More Details About G90, G115, G65, G235

  • Advantages / Disadvantages

    These hot dip galvanized steel grades are intended for applications requiring corrosion resistance and moderate bending and forming capabilities.

  • Industries

    These grades are seen widely across the solar industry. You’ll also see these galvanized steel grades in the architectural, and construction industries.

  • Applications

    Applications with galvanized steel include transmission poles, wind turbines, solar panels, architectural and ornamental components, and HVAC systems.

  • Machining

    These galvanized steel grades are easy to machine. Bending, forming, and cutting are all easy due to the steel’s malleable nature.

  • Welding

    Welding for these galvanized steel grades is excellent.

G90 Chemical Composition


G90 Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength262 MPa - 344 MPa38 - 50 ksi
Yield Point172 MPa - 241 MPa25 - 35 ksi

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is G90 galvanized steel?


    G90 galvanized steel refers to the coating type and the weight of the coating layer that has been applied to the steel. ‘G’ tell us that the coating is galvanized (zinc coated). The number ‘90’ indicates the weight of the zinc applied to the steel. Manufacturers measure the coating weight using the unit ounces per square foot (oz/ft2). Therefore, G90 simply means that the two-sided zinc-coating on the steel weighs 0.90 ounces per square foot.

  • Are G90, G115, G65, and G235 are used in the solar industry?


    Yes. G90, G115, G65, and G235 are used in the solar industry.

  • What is cold rolled steel?


    Galvanized steel has been cold rolled before it is placed into a zinc bath. Cold rolled steel is a mill process. Steel is passed through high pressure rollers at room temperature. This process results in a refined surface finishing character and improves durability. While the cold rolling process permits fabricators greater control and consistency to achieve ideal surface quality and thickness throughout, it tends to be a more extensive process, especially when compared to hot rolling steel.

  • What is galvanization?


    Galvanization is the process of exposing metal to a zinc bath. All galvanized steels have a protective zinc coating, that varies in weight depending on the galvanized steel grade selected. The standard guideline equates a heavier coating with higher durability.

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