5052 Aluminum Sheet

5052 aluminum sheet is used widely across industries and Kloeckner Metals is happy to supply it nationwide.

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Typical Standards

GradeSizes Routinely Stocked
TemperThickness (Metric/Imperial)WidthLength
5052-O.25 - 6mm / 1/64 - 15/64"36", 48", 60"96", 120", 144"
5052-H32.25 - 6mm / 1/64 - 15/64"36", 48", 60"96", 120", 144"
5052-H34.25 - 6mm / 1/64 - 15/64"36", 48", 60"96", 120", 144"
5052-H36.25 - 6mm / 1/64 - 15/64"36", 48", 60"96", 120", 144"
5052-H38.25 - 6mm / 1/64 - 15/64"36", 48", 60"96", 120", 144"

General Info About 5052 Aluminum Sheet

5052 aluminum sheet is the highest strength alloy of the non-heat-treatable aluminum grades. It has good corrosion resistance and is often used in marine, automotive, and machine applications. 5052 aluminum has excellent workability and can be easily drawn into different shapes

More Details About 5052 Aluminum Sheet

  • Advantages/Disadvantages

    5052 aluminum has excellent workability, high strength, and can be drawn very quickly into different shapes. On the other hand, it is an aluminum alloy that is not easily machined and is not heat treatable.

  • Industries

    It is often used in the aircraft, marine, home, and transportation industries. It is also a mainstay in the food and beverage industry.

  • Applications

    This aluminum grade is used in fuel tanks, marine boats, and highway and road signs. Applications in the food and beverage industry include heavy-duty cooking utensils and equipment for bulk processing food.

  • Machining

    This aluminum grade is not easily machined.

  • Welding

    It has some of the best welding characteristics.

  • Heat Treatment

    It is not heat treatable.

Chemical Properties

2.20 - 2.80%0.15 - 0.35%0.10% max0.40% max 0.10% max0.25% max 0.10% max

Mechanical Properties

TemperUltimate Tensile Strength Yield Set 0.2%Ultimate Shear StrengthFatigue Strength% at 1/16" % at 1/2"Brinell
5052-O25,000 - 31,000 psi13,000 psi18,000 psi16,000 [so253047
5052-H3231,000 - 38,000 psi28,000 psi20,000 psi17,000 psi121860
5052-H3434,000 - 41,000 psi31,000 psi21,000 psi18,000 psi101468
5052-H3637,000 - 44,000 psi35,000 psi23,000 psi19,000 psi81073
5052-H3839,000 psi37,000 psi24,000 psi20,000 psi7877

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can 5052 aluminum sheet be anodized?


    Yes, this aluminum sheet grade can be anodized.

  • Is 5052 aluminum used in automotive manufacturing?


    Yes. This aluminum grade demonstrates good corrosion resistance, formability, and is easily welded. It is mainly utilized in automotive applications where pedestrian safety is a main consideration, and interior and exterior bracketry.

Services provided to 5052 Aluminum Sheet products

Cut to Length

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Weld Prep

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Oxy-Fuel Cutting | Flame Cutting

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Heat Straightening

Kloeckner Metals offers heat straightening as part...


Tee Splitting

Kloeckner Metals is proud to offer tee...



MARVALUM SM is the process of creating...



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Coil Coating

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Metal Roof Manufacturing

Kloeckner’s metal roofing manufacturing showcases the flexibility,...


Roll Forming

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Shot Blasting

Kloeckner offers industry-leading shot blasting and paint...


Laser Cutting

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Precision Leveling

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Plasma Cutting

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Press Braking

Kloeckner is committed to providing end-to-end press...



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Kloeckner offers customers the latest in shearing...



Kloeckner is capable of MIG, TIG, and...



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When it comes to drilling equipment and...


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