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carbon steel vs stainless steel
More elastic than rubber and 1,000 times stronger than iron, steel gets used in almost every industry. It’s one of the world’s most environmentally friendly materials because it’s easy to recycle and lasts practically forever. Essentially an iron alloy, steel is at least 3,000 years old, and blacksmiths worked in steel as early as the ...
KloecknerCares Volunteer Day at Atlanta Humane Society
There are countless ways to serve your community and do good. Taking the day to help animals and those dedicated to their care is undoubtedly a day well spent. So, on August 18th, when the Atlanta Humane Society was closed for a cleaning day, Kloeckner’s Tax Manager, Sharron Jackson, Retirement Plan Analyst, Bobbette Quinlan, and ...
Your Guide to Austenitic Stainless Steels
Classes of stainless steel are organized by their crystalline structure, which describes how their atoms are arranged. Of the five classes of stainless steel—martensitic, ferritic, austenitic, duplex, and precipitation-hardening—austenitic is the most common. The grades in this group contain high chromium and nickel content which provides good corrosion resistance and desirable mechanical properties. Read on ...
CIO applications
This article originally appeared 8/31/2021 on CIO Applications. Disruptions in supply chains and the labor markets caused by the pandemic have forced a reevaluation of how critical autonomous systems are to the future sustainability of manufacturing systems and supply chains. It is reasonable to expect that companies previously looking into new technology to drive automation ...
Benny Miller Retiring with Kloeckner
Hanna, Louisiana is a 50-mile drive from Kloeckner Shreveport. It’s a drive Benny Miller knows well. Since 1969, Benny has been commuting to the same building. Despite the hour-long trip and the many opportunities he’s had to hit the snooze button on his very early morning alarm clock, Benny has never been late to work. ...
Stainless steel and aluminum are two of the most popular metals used for manufacturing. Widely used for their versatility and corrosion resistance, aluminum and stainless steel are staples in the metals industry. To know when it is better to use aluminum vs stainless steel, we must compare factors like their compositions, mechanical properties, and cost. ...
304 stainless steel plate
When looking at 304 stainless steel vs 316, it is hard to notice the difference between them. However, when manufacturing with 304 vs 316 stainless steel, the difference can be huge. Keep reading to learn more about the two most popular types of stainless steel. 304 vs 316: What Makes Them So Popular? The high ...
Kloeckner Welcomes Livia Candido Martins
At 16, Livia was already working. Her parents had their own business in Fortaleza, Brazil – where Livia was born and raised. She grew up the daughter of achievement-oriented entrepreneurs who cared deeply for their work. They modeled an aim for the stars mentality. It would have been easy for Livia to stay in Brazil ...
density of aluminum
Aluminum is one of the most popular industrial materials because of its many flexible and desirable traits. One of those characteristics is its density. Aluminum is a lightweight material – in fact, its density is one-third of the density of steel. Aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning that it delivers significant strength despite its ...


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