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automotive lightweighting
Lightweighting, a concept in the automotive industry, demands that all car parts be optimized for their lightest possible weight. By proposing that new materials be engineered to replace heavy car parts that cause engine strain, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are investing in functional, modern day solutions that better serve individual users and the environment. Recent ...
International Roofing Expo Logo
The 2021 International Roofing Expo takes place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV August 10-12, 2021. Learn more at:
METALCON is the largest event in North America dedicated to metal in design and construction. This year it’s located in Tampa, Florida from October 6 – 8, 2021. Learn more at:
Prices on Aluminum
Prices on aluminum relate directly to supply and demand drivers. The main questions to ask are, how much aluminum can be produced and who is willing to buy it? Producers, traders, speculators, and industrial end-users will generally exchange aluminum at a price reflective of supply and demand. But, as you’ll see below, aluminum pricing is ...
Advanced high strength steel
Advanced high strength steel and ultra high strength steel are becoming a popular material in the world of auto manufacturing because their attributes and characteristics help automakers meet fuel efficiency, safety, and design standards. With increasingly stringent regulations driving the future of the industry, steel – particularly ultra-high strength steel and advanced high strength steel ...
Annetta Rogers
Annetta’s supreme negotiation skills—a good humored, maternal, this-is-how-it-is approach—have earned Houston a laudable multi-year streak for efficient distribution during her time as Kloeckner Metals Houston Mesa‘s Transportation Coordinator. At 24 years with Kloeckner, Annetta plays an uplifting role in a successful work culture that gets the right product to customers on time. How does she do ...
5052 vs 6063 aluminum
Comparing 5052 vs 6063 aluminum, you’ll see they’re both two very common alloys in the aluminum industry. 5052 aluminum is quite popular because of its versatility, while 6063 aluminum is known for its good electrical conductivity and high-quality finish. Both are very commonly used in industrial applications, and each has its strengths and advantages. Read on to ...
dp steel
Dual-Phase Steel – or DP steel – is part of a category known as Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS). According to World Auto Steel, a division of the World Steel Association, AHSS are the result of carefully chosen chemical properties that are heated and cooled through precisely controlled processes. The result is material that is lightweight ...
Connie Zboral 20+ Years with Kloeckner
Every morning Connie Zboral wakes up a few hours before work starts. She makes herself a coffee and completes one or two sudokus to wake up her brain. “I don’t like to be bored,” she says. So, it’s no surprise that she chooses the hardest puzzles first thing in the morning, finished reading 82 books ...


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