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Kloeckner Metals specializes in fully certified armor and ballistic steel plate that is guaranteed to perform. We routinely supply armor steel plate in a variety of grades and thicknesses across the United States.


More Details About Each Armor Steel Plate and Ballistic Steel Plate Grades

  • UL NIJ Ballistic Tested Plate

    This grade is certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to meet specific standards for bulletproof body armor and ballistic protection products established by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). It is designed to withstand multiple threat strikes from military grade weapons, due to its high material hardness. Defense and aerospace applications are most common for this plate.

  • MIL-A 46100

    MIL-A 46100 steel plate is DFARS compliant and includes full certification documentation. It is a military-grade steel plate and has high hardness. MIL-A 46100 steel plates are typically used as a structural or vehicle armor to stop high-velocity projectiles, such as sniper fire.

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  • MIL-A 12560

    The MIL-A 12560 military spec is approved for use in combat vehicles and ammunition testing. The Mil-A 12560 steel plate is available in 4 classes, and the surface hardness depends on each class. It is often used in service applications that require maximum protection for ballistic purposes.

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Learn More About Each Armor Steel Plate | Ballistic Steel Plate Grade

General Info about Armor & Ballistic Steel Plate Grades

Armor and ballistic grade steel plate is specifically designed for the military and has been approved by all US agencies and departments for defense and combat applications. Additionally, armor and ballistic steel plate is certified by the National Institute of Justice and meets specific levels of threat impact, including explosive shock, shrapnel, and sniper fire. This certification guarantees that the plate will not fail under specified conditions. Armor and ballistic grade steel plate is found in military vehicles, high protection structural housing, armaments, and other protective structures. Kloeckner Metals is proud to supply armor and ballistic steel plate nationwide that’s fully certified and guaranteed to perform.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is armor plate steel?


    Armor plate steel is an abrasion resistant steel plate that is manufactured to perform under military conditions. Armor plates have high hardness and their thickness and other mechanical and physical properties vary according to the application. Typical applications include armored vehicles, body armor, battle tanks, and many other armored military uses.

  • What type of steel is used in body armor?


    AR500 is a very common steel armor plate that is used in body armor. It is a specific kind of abrasion resistant steel with a high surface hardness, also called Brinell Hardness, of 477-534. This hardness gives the armor steels the ability to resist wear, including from high impact, but it also reduces its malleability.

  • How are armor plate used?

    Armor plates are rigid plates made from abrasion resistant steel plates that are designed to provide protection against various types of threats, such as bullets, shrapnel, or explosives. They are commonly used in personal protective equipment (PPE) and armored vehicles to enhance the safety and survivability of individuals in high-risk environments, including military operations, law enforcement activities, and civilian security.

    Armor plates can be made from different materials, depending on the level of protection required and the specific application. The most common material is steel plate because of its durability and historical use in armor applications. They provide good protection against ballistic threats.

    Armor plates are typically designed to be inserted into carriers or vests, such as plate carriers or bulletproof vests. These carriers hold the plates securely against the wearer’s body, ensuring proper coverage and minimizing movement during use.

    It’s important to note that the effectiveness of armor plates can vary based on factors such as the thickness and quality of the plate, the specific threat being faced, and the velocity and caliber of projectiles. Different standards and ratings, such as NIJ (National Institute of Justice) standards, are used to assess and certify the performance of armor plates in specific scenarios.

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