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Industries Served

Industries Served

Kloeckner serves a wide range of markets through our dedicated manufacturing divisions, business groups, and service centers. Whether they’re small machine shops or international manufacturing corporations, Kloeckner offers customers unparalleled quality and superior customer service. Our portfolio of over 200,000 standard and custom products spans numerous industries and allows us to provide customers with best-in-class value-chain solutions no matter the market.


Kloeckner is dedicated to leading the metals industry in innovation and serves a number of additional industries in addition to our mainstays. We’ve made huge leaps in wind & solar, telecommunications, and architectural, among others, and are committed to passing on all of our technological breakthroughs to our customers.


Totaling over 200,000 products across 45+ branches, Kloeckner stocks the widest array of products in demand by the metals industry. With branches located adjacent to the industries they serve, Kloeckner prides itself on offering standard and custom product to customer specification.