Marine and Offshore Steel Plate

Kloeckner Metals supports the American shipbuilding industry through its dedication to high-quality marine & offshore steel plate. Kloeckner supplies marine grade steel plate in a variety of grades and thicknesses throughout North America.

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Learn More About Each Marine and Offshore Steel Plate Grade

More Details About Each Marine & Offshore Steel Plate Grade

  • A131 A & B or ABS A & ABS B

    A131 is a structural steel that is used almost exclusively in shipbuilding. A131, otherwise known as ABS for the American Bureau of Shipping that certifies it, has ordinary strength and a minimum yield of 34 KSI. It is used in barges, ship construction, and marine equipment.

  • ABS AH36/DH36/EH36

    ABS steel plates are offered in three different grades, AH36, DH36, and FH36. The plates are higher-strength steel grades and are certified by the American Bureau of Shipbuilding (ABS). Some typical applications are the building of structural parts of ships, marine equipment, and barges.

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  • API 2H Grade 50

    API 2H is offered in grade 50 and provides intermediate strength compared to other structural steel grades. This steel has a high impact toughness and resistance to fatigue loading. A typical application for API 2H steel is offshore construction in the welded construction industry.

  • A633

    A633 steel plate is an excellent steel for welding, riveting, or bolting. It is a normalized high-strength structural steel grade and offers strong notch toughness in lower temperatures. The typical applications for the A633 are utility poles as plates, construction frames, suspension components, electric shovel dipper, and offshore platforms.

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General Info About Marine & Offshore Steel Plate

Shipbuilding is central to America’s identity and American ingenuity shines in its submarines, yachts, cruise ships, and aircraft carriers. Great ships start with high-quality marine grade steel plate and Kloeckner Metals is proud to supply the American shipbuilding industry with marine and offshore steel that’s corrosion-resistant and tough, demonstrating decreased brittleness, even in cold temperatures, and increased strength to resist force trauma and vibration. All of our marine grade plate meets the standards set by ABS (American Bureau of Shipbuilding), ASTM, and API (American Petroleum Institute). We’re a trusted supplier of marine & offshore steel plate across America and service shipbuilders from our network of 40+ branches nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is marine grade steel?


    To be considered a marine grade, the material must be able to resist corrosive effects that are common in a water environment. To achieve this, special alloying elements are added to these grades in order to defend against corrosion. While most carbon steel is not suited for marine environments, there are several marine grade carbon steels that have been approved by the American Bureau of Shipping for use in shipbuilding applications.

  • What metal is best for saltwater?


    Marine grade metals include carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, and galvanized steel. Each metal has distinctive chemical and physical properties that make them best suited for different applications in marine conditions.

  • What does marine grade mean?


    Marine grade means that the carbon or alloy steel has been approved by the American Bureau of Shipping for use in shipbuilding applications.

  • What applications is marine & offshore steel most appropriate for?


    You’ll typically find marine & offshore steel plate in structural shipbuilding and other offshore structural applications.

Services provided to Marine and Offshore Steel Plate products

Plate Distribution

Kloeckner Metals is proud to offer plate...


Oxy-Fuel Cutting | Flame Cutting

Kloeckner Metals is proud to provide oxy-fuel...



Kloeckner Metals offers beveling services throughout its...



Kloeckner Metals is proud to provide tapping...


Plate Flattening

Kloeckner is proud to offer its customers...


Stretcher Leveling

With vast investments in the latest stretcher...



Providing the latest stamping capabilities is one...



Kloeckner provides a wide variety of end...


Plate Processing

Let Kloeckner’s experienced thermal and plasma cutting...


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Industries served by Marine and Offshore Steel Plate

Military and Government

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Ship Building

Between our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and our...


Plate Fabrication

Thanks to innovative processes, superior customer service,...


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Other Steel Plate Formats

Additional Product Types

From mill to customer, we provide a streamlined ordering, manufacturing, and distribution process of over 200,000 products, eliminating the costs that come from working with multiple vendors. You’ll find that we stock the largest variety of products available and can customize any product to meet your specific requirements. A small selection is below.
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Carbon Flat Roll
Kloeckner is at the forefront of the...
Structural Tubes
Kloeckner is dedicated to offering customers breadth...


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