Industries Served

Heavy Equipment & Construction

Between our long experience in heavy equipment manufacturing and our unparalleled product versatility, we help heavy equipment manufacturers build on a global scale.

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The Heavy Equipment Industry

Heavy Equipment

Kloeckner is a leader in the steel and fuel system solutions that drive the heavy equipment industry. With facilities conveniently located nearby manufacturing centers, Kloeckner can produce large quantities of high-quality tubes, bars, and thick plates to heavy equipment manufacturer specifications. Manufacturing heavy equipment is not just about raw materials, though Kloeckner materials reliably combine low weight with maximum strength; it is about minimizing operation costs without sacrificing quality to meet global demand. Kloeckner can be your partner in streamlined operations, unparalleled quality, and just-in-time delivery.

Additional Industries Served

In addition to the heavy equipment industry, Kloeckner is leading a wide range of related sectors including heavy trucks, metal building, and shipbuilding. Thanks to our unparalleled product scope, our wealth of logistical support, and our superior customer service, we are at the forefront of the North American metals industry.
Heavy Trucks
With locations across the United States offering...
Metal Building
Kloeckner meets and exceeds the needs of...
Ship Building
Between our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and our...
Fabricators & Machine Shops
Kloeckner leads the fabricators & machine shops...


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