5049 Aluminum Sheet

5049 aluminum sheet is a magnesium alloy with good hardness. Kloeckner Metals proudly supplies it nationwide.

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Typical Standards

GradeSizes Routinely Stocked
TemperThickness (Metric/Imperial)WidthLength
5049-OInquire for sizes
5049-H11Inquire for sizes
5049-H12Inquire for sizes
5049-H13Inquire for sizes
5049-H14Inquire for sizes
5049-H15Inquire for sizes
5049-H16Inquire for sizes
5049-H17Inquire for sizes
5049-H18Inquire for sizes
5049-H22Inquire for sizes
5049-H24Inquire for sizes
5049-H26Inquire for sizes
5049-H28Inquire for sizes
5049-H32Inquire for sizes
5049-H34Inquire for sizes
5049-H36Inquire for sizes
5049-H38Inquire for sizes

General Info About 5049 Aluminum Sheet

5049 aluminum sheet is a non-heat treatable aluminum. Its primary alloying element is magnesium which results in good hardness.

More Details About 5049 Aluminum Sheet

  • Advantages/Disadvantages

    While this aluminum alloy is not heat treatable, it is work hardenable by cold forming, showing good strength and formability. This aluminum grade t is available in a range of tempers which increase the alloy’s overall strength at the expense of ductility.

  • Industries

    It is seen in the marine, automotive, construction, and packaging industries.

  • Applications

    Applications for this alloy include shipbuilding hulls and structures, packaging, tanks, and automotive parts.

  • Machining

    It has good machinability.

  • Welding

    It has good weldability.

  • Heat Treatment

    It is not heat treatable.

Chemical Properties

1.60 - 2.50%0.50-1.10% 0.30% max0.10% max0.50% max 0.40% max 0.20% max

Mechanical Properties

GradeStrength (Metric/Imperial)ElongationHardness
TemperUltimate Tensile StrengthUltimate Yield StrengthShear StrengthFatigue Strength% at BreakBrinell
5049-O210 MPa / 31,000 psi91 MPa / 13,000 psi19,00013114,000961852
5049-H11220 MPa / 33,000 psi110 MPa / 16,000 psi20,00013714,0009615X
5049-H12240 MPa / 34,000 psi170 MPa / 25,000 psi20,00014014,000969.166
5049-H13250 MPa / 36,000 psi160 MPa / 23,000 psi21,00015014,000998X
5049-H14250 MPa / 37,000 psi200 MPa / 29,000 psi22,00015014,000984.872
5049-H15270 MPa / 39,000 psi200 MPa / 29,000 psi22,00015013,000913.4X
5049-H16240 MPa / 35,000 psi280 MPa / 41,000 psi23,00016015,0001003.180
5049-H17290 MPa / 42,000 psi250 MPa 36,000 psi24,00017014,000962.3X
5049-H18280 MPa / 41,000 psi320 MPa / 47,000 psi27,00018015,000100288
5049-H22240 MPa / 35,000 psi150 MPa / 21,000 psi21,00014017,0001109.563
5049-H24260 MPa / 38,000 psi180 MPa / 26,000 psi22,00015015,000100970
5049-H26290 MPa / 41,000 psi220 MPa / 31,000 psi24,00017018,0001205.678
5049-H28330 MPa / 48,000 psi260 MPa / 37,000 psi28,00019016,000110487
5049-H32240 MPa / 35,000 psi150 MPa / 21,000 psi21,00014017,0001209.563
5049-H34260 MPa / 38,000 psi180 MPa / 26,000 psi22,00015016,000110970
5049-H36290 MPa / 41,000 psi220 MPa / 31,000 psi24,00017017,0001205.678
5049-H38320 MPa / 47,000 psi260 MPa/ 38,000 psi27,00019017,0001203.987

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does 5049 aluminum compare to 5052?


    These alloys share magnesium as their primary alloying element, resulting in fairly similar mechanical properties. This aluminum sheet shows slightly better hardness than 5052 aluminum, whereas 5052 shows slightly higher strength.

  • What is the hardness range for this alloy across all tempers?


    This alloy demonstrates a Brinell hardness range of 52 to 88.

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