5005 Aluminum Sheet

Kloeckner Metals sells 5005 aluminum sheet, a medium strength alloy widely used across industries. Contact us today for a quote.


General Info About 5005 Aluminum Sheet

5005 aluminum sheet has good corrosion resistance and good weldability. It is easily anodized and is often used in the marine, automotive, aerospace, appliance, and architecture industries.

More Details About Aluminum 5005

  • Advantages/Disadvantages

    This aluminum grade is the weakest alloy of the non-heat treatable aluminums. However, it can be hardened by cold working, is excellent for decorative anodizing, and has good weldability.

  • Industries

    It is seen in the marine, automotive, aerospace, appliance, and architecture industries.

  • Applications

    Applications for this grade include furniture, anodized parts, HVAC equipment, signage, road signs, name plates, interior and exterior architectural paneling, automotive parts, and more.

  • Machining

    It has poor machinability.

  • Welding

    It has good weldability.

  • Heat Treatment

    It is not heat treatable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is 5005 aluminum sheet so common in the automotive industry?


    You will see this grade in auto body paneling, fuel tanks, piping, and steering plates. It is so popular in the automotive industry because of excellent corrosion resistance and surface finish and, compared to other aluminum alloys, it has relatively high welded strength. These qualities make this aluminum grade suitable for autos, either for use in welded parts or paneling.

  • Can 5005 aluminum be cold worked?


    Yes, though this grade is non-heat treatable, it is suitable for cold work hardening.

  • What is the density of 5005 aluminum?


    The density is 168 lb/ft 3.

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