PVQ Steel Plate

Kloeckner Metals specializes in PVQ steel plate and routinely stocks pressure vessel quality steel plate in a variety of grades, thicknesses, widths, and lengths.

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Learn More About Each PVQ Steel Plate Grade

More Details About Each PVQ Steel Plate Grade

  • A516 & SA516

    A516 or SA516 is a carbon steel plate grade that’s categorized as pressure vessel quality steel because its primary use is in welded pressure vessels at moderate to lower temperature service. You’ll find A516 or SA516 is produced in grades 55, 60, 65, and 70 and can be normalized to improve notch toughness.

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  • A537 & SA537

    A537 or SA537 steel plate is a combination of carbon, manganese, silicon, and other alloying elements. This steel plate is used in applications where Charpy V-notch toughness is critical in lower temperature environments. A537 or SA537 is heat-treated and is less sensitive to decreases in notch toughness in cold weather environments.

  • A612 & SA612

    A612 or SA612 is PVQ steel plate alloyed with carbon, manganese, and silicon and intended for welded pressure vessels in low and moderate temperature service.

  • A283

    A283 steel is a structural steel plate used in applications requiring low or intermediate tensile strength. A283 is often used in the manufacturing of storage tanks and low pressure, temperature controlled vessels.

  • A285

    A285 is a pressure vessel carbon steel plate that is also used for applications that require low or intermediate tensile strength. A285 is used for similar applications as the A283 steel.

General Info About PVQ Steel Plate

PVQ stands for “pressure vessel quality.” PVQ steel plate is used in the manufacturing of pressure vessels, closed containers that hold gases or liquids at pressures that are markedly different from the regular, ambient pressure. Because of the potential for dangerous accidents, PVQ steel plate must meet standard requirements in both material properties and composition, with temperature threshold as the most important consideration. Kloeckner Metals stocks high-quality PVD steel plate across its 40+ strategically located metal supply centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PVQ steel plate?


    PVQ, otherwise known as “pressure vessel quality,” is steel specially intended for pressure vessels, which require higher standards for chemical composition and material properties because of its unique end-use. Pressure vessels, because they must contain gases or liquids at pressures that are substantially different from ambient, outside pressure, must meet minimum standard requirements as a safety precaution.

  • When is PVQ steel plate used?


    PVQ is used for pressure vessels, closed containers that hold gases or liquids at pressures that are markedly different from regular, ambient pressure.

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