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Digital transformation is one of Kloeckner’s defining priorities in the coming years. We’re committed to digitalizing our entire value chain and passing on the efficiencies and cost savings to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction with Part Manager

Kloeckner Connect is a reflection of our commitment to our customers. With Kloeckner Connect, our customers can interface with Kloeckner in real time, seeing our inventory, checking the status of orders, and communicating with dedicated account managers. More than that, Kloeckner Connect passes on a huge digitalization opportunity by allowing customers to see efficiencies in their supply chain management at a glance.


Kloecker branches house the latest, most innovative equipment, from unparalleled capabilities in architectural structurals and PVD to one-of-a-kind fabrication tools. Our specialty offerings span industries, services, and products, allowing us to build custom materials to customer specifications. Between our exhaustive inventory of specialty and off-the-shelf products and our fleet of over 300 vehicles, Kloeckner marries its expansive offerings with just-in-time delivery. We want our customers to take full advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment and service capabilities.

In addition to our drive to innovate, we pride ourselves on the convenience of our global footprint, our investment in leadership, and the unparalleled range of our capabilities. Find out more.