5083 Aluminum Sheet

5083 aluminum sheet is excellent for marine applications due to its corrosion resistance. It is available from Kloeckner Metals nationwide in a variety of tempers.

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General Info About 5083 Aluminum Sheet

5083 Aluminum Sheet is an aluminum alloy that contains magnesium, manganese, and chromium. It has excellent resistance against seawater and industrial chemicals.

More Details About 5083 Aluminum Sheet

  • Advantages/Disadvantages

    In addition to its excellent resistance against seawater and industrial chemicals., it has good weldability. One drawback to the grade is that it is not heat treatable.

  • Industries

    Typical industries for 5083 Aluminum Sheet are the shipbuilding, armor & ballistic, and automotive industries.

  • Applications

    Typical applications for 5083 Aluminum Sheet are pressure vessels, mine skips and cages, ship building, rail cars, vehicle bodies, and automotive parts.

  • Welding

    It has good weldability.

  • Heat Treatment

    It is not heat treatable.

Typical Standards


Mechanical Properties

TempersStrength (Metric/Imperial)Elongation
Ultimate TensileYield Strength
5083-O42 KSI21 KSI14%
5083-H11243 KSI23 KSI10%
5083-H11646 KSI33 KSI10%
5083-H32146 KSI33 KSI10%

Chemical Properties

0.4 %0.4%0.1%0.4 - 1.0%4..0-4.9%0.05-0.25%0.25%0.15%0.05% Each; 0.15% Total

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is 5083 Aluminum sheet common in the automotive industry?


    5083 Aluminum sheet is often used in the automotive industry due to its high strength factor. It also has very good corrosion resistance and is easily welded, which are all very important factors for the automotive industry.

  • What are the 5083 aluminum properties?


    5083 Aluminum Sheet has a density of 2650kg/m3 and its melting point is at 518 °F (270°C). The modulus elasticity is 72 GPA and the thermal conductivity is 121 W/m.K.

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