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Custom supply chain solutions through superior customer service, unparalleled quality, and relentless innovation.


With over 100 years in the industry, Kloeckner’s expertise spans generations. We work with customers to provide more than custom supply chain solutions at the highest quality and lowest price; we partner with customers to help guarantee their success over the long run. Combining depth and breadth of product with a caring, consultative approach, Kloeckner is committed to passing on the value of our experience and expertise to our customers.


With over 50 US locations located adjacent to the industries they serve, Kloeckner offers customers global access to our entire product line totaling over 200,000 products.


A leader in cutting-edge innovation, Kloeckner is dedicated to making the latest in metals technology available to our customers.
Digitalization is a priority for Kloeckner as we look forward. We create value for our customers by building new digital platforms and services that revolutionize collaboration and streamline the entire supply chain.
Kloeckner Connect
In our commitment to providing services at the highest level, we built our online portal, Kloeckner Connect, so customers can interface with us around the clock and take stock of orders and deliveries.
Kloeckner is a top source for the latest in the steel industry. Providing news and research, we keep staff, partners, and customers up to date with trends and data as the industry moves rapidly into the future.
Kloeckner is leading the way as the sole supplier of some of the most innovative equipment in the market. Spearheading trends in PVD, alternative energy, and more, Kloeckner is committed to staying on the forefront of modern technology.
At Kloeckner, our leaders are intent on cultivating a culture that inspires teamwork and encourages innovation. The expertise of our leadership reflects our commitment to quality of product, excellence of service, and reach of innovation.