A36 Hot Rolled Dry

Kloeckner Metals stocks a variety of A36 products including A36 hot rolled dry steel.

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Typical Standards

GradesSize Range
A36 Hot Rolled Dry7 Ga. - 16 Ga.48" - 72"96" - 240"

More Details About A36 Hot Rolled Dry

  • Advantages / Disadvantages


    • A36 hot rolled steel is high-value and very affordable.
    • A36 steel properties make it great for structural applications.
    • A36 is a versatile general-purpose steel.


    • A36 steel has bad corrosion resistance.
  • Industries

    A36 steel is used in a variety of industries. These industries include construction, automotive, oil and gas, and heavy equipment industries. A36 steel is typically used for structural components in these industries.

  • Applications

    Due to A36’s mechanical properties it is great for structural applications in the construction industry. It is used for bridges and buildings because of its toughness and strength. It is also used in cars and heavy machinery.

  • Machining

    A36 steel has excellent machinability due to it being low-carbon steel. Steel with lower carbon content is easier to cut and has good ductility. It is especially good for screw machining. It is commonly bolted and riveted in structural applications.

  • Welding

    A36 steel can be easily welded. This is due to A36 steel being a low-carbon steel. Steel with a higher carbon content is much harder to weld than low-carbon steel.

  • Heat Treatment

    A36 steel is not typically heat treated. Instead, it is usually stress relieved. Steel stress relieving is similar to heat treatment, but the mechanical properties are changed in order to prevent stress from occurring on the steel.

More Details About A36 Hot Rolled Dry

  • A36 Hot Rolled Dry

    A36 hot rolled dry steel is A36 hot rolled steel that has not been pickled and oiled. Hot rolled dry steel does not have a finish and is prone to rusting. It will sometimes be used for art sculptures and other applications that do not require a finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is A36 steel hot rolled?


    Yes, A36 is most commonly hot rolled.

  • What is the difference between A36 and 1018 mild steel?


    1018 mild steel is often purchased as cold rolled steel while A36 steel is more often purchased as hot rolled product.

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