MIL-A-46100 Steel Plate

MIL-A-46100 is a military spec armor steel plate, approved by the Department of the Army, and supplied nationwide by Kloeckner Metals.


General Info About MIL-A-46100

MIL-A-46100 is a high-hardness armor (HHA) plate that has been approved for use by the Materials Technology Laboratory. This grade is specified by the Department of the Army and is available to all departments and agencies of the Department of Defense.

More Details About MIL-A-46100

  • Advantages/Disadvantages

    MIL-A-46100 has a superior ballistic resistance, has very good formability, weldability, flatness, toughness, and is light in weight.

  • Industries

    Typical industries for MIL-A-46100 are the combat and ballistic industry.

  • Applications

    MIL-A-46100 is used in the the Department of the Army and is available to all departments and agencies of the Department of Defense. It is lightweight and provides optimum protection and resistance to ballistic threats. Therefore, MIL-A-46100 is suitable for armored personnel carriers, tanks, armored municipal & government vehicles, tactical combat vehicles, armored cabs, personal armored cars and more.

  • Machining

    MIL-A-46100 has good machinability capabilities.

  • Welding

    Using the conventional welding practices, like SMAW, SAW, and GMAW, MIL-A-46100 armor plate can be welded. The temperatures should not pass 400°F and heat treatment after welding is not recommended if you want to maintain the original hardness levels.

  • Heat Treatment

    MIL-A-46100 is heat treatable.

Frequently Asked Questions About MIL-A-46100

  • What's the differences between MIL-A-46100 armor vs AR500?


    First of all, MIL-A-46100 is a military grade, whereas AR500 is an Abrasion Resistant grade. Another difference is their Brinell Hardness. AR500 has a BNH of 470-540 and MIL-A-46100 has a BNH of 362.

  • What are the specifications of MIL-A-46100 armor plate?


    MIL-A-46100 armor plate has a tensile strength of 245 ksi and yield strength of 205 ksi. Its elongation is 10%.

  • Who are MIL-A-46100 armor steel suppliers?


    Kloeckner Metals is a national supplier of MIL-A-46100 armor steel. With over 40 locations, Kloeckner Metals has a nationwide reach.

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