Kloeckner Metals offers milling as part of its wide selection of value-added services at select branches across North America.
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Milling Process

Milling in the metals industry refers to the process of removing material from a metal workpiece to shape or resize it using a rotary cutting tool, such as a end mill or face mill. Milling is performed on a milling machine, which typically uses a moving cutting tool that rotates about an axis and moves in a linear direction along the workpiece.

The milling process can produce a variety of shapes, including flat surfaces, angled surfaces, slots, and pockets. Milling is commonly used in the manufacturing of metal parts for various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical devices.

Milling can be performed on a range of metal materials, including aluminum and steel, and can be used to produce complex and precise shapes with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. The specific milling process used will depend on the type of metal, the desired final product, and the available equipment.

Products That Undergo Milling

Special Milling Equipment

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Industries Served by Milling


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which types of metal—plate, sheet, pipe, tube, channels, angles, beams, and bar—can be milled?


    In the metals industry, various types of metal can be milled, including:

    1. Plate
    2. Sheet
    3. Pipe
    4. Tube
    5. Channels
    6. Angles
    7. Beams
    8. Bar

    The specific type of metal used will depend on the desired properties of the final product, including strength, hardness, and ductility, as well as the required processing techniques, such as welding and machining. The type of metal will also depend on the end use of the product and the manufacturing process.

    For example, pipes are typically used for fluid transportation, while plates and sheets are used for structural applications. Beams, angles, and channels are used in construction, while bars and rods are used for a wide range of applications, including fastening, machinery, and tooling.

  • Which aluminum grades can be milled?


    In the metals industry, a variety of aluminum grades can be milled, including:

    1. Aluminum Alloy 1100
    2. Aluminum Alloy 5052
    3. Aluminum Alloy 6061
    4. Aluminum Alloy 6063
    5. Aluminum Alloy 5086

    These grades of aluminum are commonly used for a range of applications, including construction, machinery, and electronics. The specific grade used will depend on the desired properties of the final product, including strength, hardness, and ductility, as well as the required processing techniques, such as welding and machining.

    Note: The list of grades is not exhaustive, as new grades of aluminum are constantly being developed to meet specific needs in various industries.

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