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Kloeckner Metals specializes in general-purpose aluminum bar. Contact us today to see how we can serve your needs and download our spec sheet.

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More Details About Each Aluminum Bar

  • 6061

    6061 is typically used in the marine, electronics, machinery, aerospace, ornamental, and structural applications. It is highly versatile with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and good versatile strength. 6061 also has good machinability and is therefore ideal for welding.

  • 6063

    6063 is known to have some of the best all-around extruding properties. Therefore 6063 is an excellent choice for hollow extrusions and architectural applications. This bar is corrosion resistant, has a good surface finish, and can be anodized. Typical applications are architecture, window frames, door frames, roofs, and sign frames.

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General Info About Aluminum Bar

It in different shapes, including square bar, rectangular bar, hex bar, and round bar. It has good corrosion resistance, good machinability, excellent weldability, and is heat treatable. It’s often used in the engineering and industrial industries. Some typical applications are medical assembly, structural components, aircraft construction, and commercial transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How strong is aluminum flat bar?


    It has medium to high strength, good toughness, and a good surface finish, so it has most of aluminum’s good qualities. The strength also depends on the grade.

  • When would you use aluminum bar?


    It is often used in medical assembly, aircraft construction, electrical components, commercial transportation, and structural components.

  • How would you use aluminum bar?


    Aluminum rod and bar can be shaped and bent in any number of ways. Another benefit is the high ductility, thermal and electrical conductivity, and reflexivity. In general, aluminum is hygienic, making it perfect for the food, beverage, and medical industries.

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