Industries Served

Heavy Trucks

With locations across the United States offering the latest technologies and processes, Kloeckner serves the North American heavy trucks industry at the highest level of service.

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The Heavy Trucks Industry

Heavy Trucks

Kloeckner is a leader in the steel and fuel system solutions that are driving the heavy trucks industry forward. With facilities located conveniently across the country, Kloeckner can produce large quantities of high-quality large bar and thick plate at the speed needed to meet deadlines. Manufacturing heavy-duty vehicles is about more than raw materials. It's about minimizing operation costs without sacrificing quality to meet global demand. Kloeckner can be your partner in cost-effective operations, high-quality products, and just-in-time delivery.

Additional Industries Served

In addition to serving the heavy trucks industry, Kloeckner caters to a wide range of related industries including the automotive, heavy equipment, and plate fabrication sectors. We are committed to being a leader in the metals industry with full-line service centers, unparalleled scope of product, and end-to-end logistical support.
With locations across the United States offering...
With locations across the United States offering...
Plate Fabrication
With locations across the United States offering...
Heavy Equipment
With locations across the United States offering...

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