MCB Davi Rolling Machine

Introducing the Four-Roll MCB Davi Rolling Machine


At Kloeckner, we are excited to announce that our Santa Fe Springs, CA location has recently acquired a new piece of equipment – the four-roll MCB Davi rolling machine capable of rolling plate up to 3-3/8” at 120” wide! This state-of-the-art equipment offers advanced performance and technology, making it the perfect tool to help streamline our production processes.

MCB Davi Rolling Machine

With this new addition, we are now able to offer our clients a more efficient and cost-effective solution for their production needs. Read on to learn more about this exciting new piece of equipment!

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Kloeckner Metals is one of the largest metals supply, manufacturing, and services companies in North America. To learn more about Kloeckner Metals Santa Fe Springs and our extensive range of plate materials and processing services, request a quote today.

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What is plate rolling?

Plate rolling is a fundamental process in the metal fabrication industry. It involves bending and shaping metal plates and sheets to achieve desired geometries.

The basic idea of plate rolling involves passing a metal plate through a set of rollers or rolls that gradually bend and shape the plate into the desired curvature. These rolls exert pressure on the plate, causing it to deform and take on the desired shape. Rolled metal curvature can range from simple arcs to complex shapes, depending on the design of the rolls and the specific requirements of the project.

This process is essential for producing the curved, cylindrical, or conical components used in various applications.

Plate rolling machines, also known as roll bending machines or plate roll machines, come in various types, such as…

  • Three-Roll Bending Machines: This machine has three rollers arranged in a triangular formation. The top roller, also known as the “pinch” roller, presses the plate against the two bottom rollers, which are adjustable and responsible for forming the curvature.
  • Four-Roll Bending Machines: This machine features four rollers, usually arranged in two pairs—one pair vertically and the other horizontally. The plate passes between the upper and lower horizontal rollers, while the vertical rollers move to shape the plate into the desired curve.
  • Pyramid Rolling Machines: This type of machine uses three rollers, with the top roller moving in a pyramidal motion. The plate is rolled by adjusting the position of the bottom rollers.

Plate rolling can be done using different methods:

  • Hot Rolling: This involves heating the metal plate before rolling to reduce its resistance to deformation. This is often used with materials that are harder to bend at room temperature.
  • Cold Rolling: Performed at room temperature, and the plate is not heated prior to bending. It is commonly used for materials that are more ductile and can be shaped effectively without requiring heating.

What is a Four-Roll MCB Davi Rolling Machine?

Manufactured by Davi, the four-roll MCB Davi rolling machine is a highly advanced and versatile plate-rolling machine designed to meet the rigorous demands of the metal fabrication industry. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this machine utilizes a four-roll configuration to efficiently shape metal plates with precision and accuracy.

The rolls are hydraulically driven and can be adjusted to achieve the desired radius and shape of the plate. This machine is equipped with advanced control software that allows for easy programming and adjustment of the bending parameters. As a result, the final product meets the required specifications and reduces the risk of errors.

The MCB DAVI rolling machine is capable of handling a wide range of metal materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other alloys. It can process metal plates with thicknesses ranging from 3/16” up to 4-5/16”, depending on the material type and properties.

What are the processing capabilities of the Davi Rolling Machine?

The machine’s capabilities include:

Plate Width (inches) Shell ID (inches)
32″ 43″ 60″ 90″ 145″
30″ 2  13/16″ 3  1/4″ 3  5/8″ 4  3/32″ 4  5/16″
36″ 2  5/8″ 3 1/32″ 3  13/32″ 3  13/16″ 4  7/32″
48″ 2  3/8″ 2  3/4″ 3  1/16″ 3  15/32″ 3  13/16″
60″ 2  3/16″ 2  9/16″ 2  13/16″ 3  7/32″ 3  9/16″
72″ 2  3/32″ 2  13/32″ 2  11/16″ 3  1/32″ 3  3/8″
84″ 1  15/16″ 2  15/16″ 2  9/16″ 2  7/8″ 3  7/32″
96″ 1  15/16″ 2  7/32″ 2  1/2″ 2  13/16″ 3  1/8″
108″ 1  7/8″ 2  3/16″ 2  7/16″ 2  3/4″ 3  3/8”
120″ 1  7/8″ 2  1/8″ 2  7/16″ 2  3/4″ 3″ 3/8”
Up To Plate Thickness (inches)

What benefits does the Four-Roll MCB Davi Rolling Machine bring to customers?

This machine is a game changer for customers in need of plate rolling services. With an impressive 6,500 tons of bending power, it is capable of easily bending even the heaviest of plates.

One of the standout features of the four-roll MCB Davi rolling machine is its unique geometric design, known as Plate Shape Geometry (PSG). This design allows for a minimum diameter as tight as 1.1 times the top roll diameter, whereas the industry standard on linear guides is 1.4 to 1.5. This means our customers can expect more precise and accurate results, with less wasted material.

The four-roll MCB Davi rolling machine also boasts a friction-free design that requires minimal maintenance. Unlike machines with linear guides that require regular lubrication and cleaning, the Davi PSG doesn’t need any maintenance at all. This means faster turnaround times for customers and less downtime for maintenance.

The low frame design of the Davi PSG also makes it easier to remove finished parts from the machine. And because the low frame design can accommodate smaller diameter cones, customers can expect greater versatility in the types of parts they can produce.

Perhaps most impressive is the innovative plate roll geometry of the Davi PSG. This design is not only more compact and sturdy than others in the industry, but it also results in increased performance and a longer lifespan for the main components. Additionally, the Davi PSG can operate with shallow pits or even no pits at all, providing customers with a more cost-effective solution.

Finally, with a safety always culture, we’re proud to share the MCB Davi’s machine-mounted Double Articulation Side Support which allows our operator to run the machine without an assistant and without needing to use a crane to hold plates in the air while rolling. The simplicity of operation means fewer moving pieces to manage and less exposure to risk.

MCB Davi Rolling Machine 4-Roll

Key Benefits:

  • Mill scale-proof: The machine’s design prevents mill scale from scratching the guides, ensuring smooth and flawless operation.
  • Friction-free: The guides experience no wear, eliminating the need for constant lubrication or cleaning.
  • Less maintenance: The Davi PSG technology minimizes maintenance requirements, saving time and resources.
  • Innovative geometry: The Davi rolling machine’s unique plate roll geometry allows for a minimum diameter as tight as 1.1 times the top roll diameter, offering greater flexibility and precision compared to linear guide machines.
  • Easy part removal: The low frame design of the Davi rolling machine facilitates the smooth and horizontal removal of finished parts, reducing handling efforts. This advantage is especially noticeable when bending smaller diameter cones.
  • Superior flat-end control: Even when working with heavier plates, the Davi rolling machine ensures minimal flat ends, thanks to its robust design and increased power.
  • Enhanced safety: the machine-mounted Double Articulation Side Support means simplified operation and less risk to our employees, reinforcing our safety always culture.

More About Kloeckner Metals Santa Fe Springs

Kloeckner Metals Santa Fe Springs is a leading metal supplier located in Santa Fe Springs, CA. With a vast inventory of plate materials, we cater to a range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and fabrication.

In addition to our extensive stock, we also offer various plate processing services, ensuring that customers receive their desired plate size and shape. This includes services such as cutting, drilling, and forming.

At Kloeckner Metals Santa Fe Springs, we are constantly seeking out new technologies and equipment to improve our plate rolling capabilities and offer the best solutions to our customers. Our recent acquisition of the four-roll MCB Davi rolling machine is just one example of our commitment to providing top-quality metal processing services.

At Kloeckner Metals Santa Fe Springs, the new Four-Roll MCB Davi Rolling Machine is backed by a wide range of complementary equipment. Our facility offers an extensive selection of plate materials and provides additional plate processing services to meet all your metal fabrication needs. We deliver comprehensive solutions and exceptional customer service.

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Kloeckner Metals is one of the largest metals supply, manufacturing, and services companies in North America. To learn more about Kloeckner Metals Santa Fe Springs and our extensive range of plate materials and processing services, request a quote today.

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MCB Davi Rolling Machine
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