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Kloeckner offers advanced assembly and kitting services, streamlining the value chains of customers and packing more value into every order.

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Kitting and Assembly Process


Kloeckner is committed to streamlining the supply chains of our customers and that means we’ve developed top-of-the-line assembly and kitting services. Kloeckner subsidiary, American Fabricators, has dedicated itself to providing the most extensive kitting and assembly available and is equipped to produce a wide range of parts that require mechanical fastening and different levels of assembly, including latches, locking mechanisms, and hinge installation. We have the equipment and material on hand to help you meet any deadline while simplifying your shipping and logistics and reducing costs.

Products That Undergo Assembly and Kitting

Branches Featuring Assembly and Kitting

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Industries Served by Assembly and Kitting

Military and Government

With growing infrastructure needs and strong investments...



Kloeckner is a leader in raw material...



Kloeckner Metals is proud to supply the...



Kloeckner Metals is proud to supply the...


Fabricators & Machine Shops

Kloeckner leads the fabricators & machine shops...


Heavy Equipment & Construction

Between our long experience in heavy equipment...


Heavy Trucks

With locations across the United States offering...


Oil & Gas

With reliable, advanced, and cost-effective solutions at...



Kloeckner Metals is proud the supply the...


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are assembly & kitting services?


    Assembly and kitting services are processes in which individual components are combined or packaged together to form a finished product or kit.

    Assembly refers to the process of putting together multiple components to form a complete product. This can involve manual assembly, machine-assisted assembly, or a combination of both. Assembly services can be used to produce a wide range of products, from simple items like toys or household goods to complex systems like medical devices or aircraft components.

    Kitting refers to the process of packaging and distributing related components as a kit. Kitting services are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and consumer goods to produce kits of components that are used to build or repair products. For example, a kit might include all the necessary components and instructions to build a piece of furniture or to repair a damaged appliance.

    Assembly and kitting services are typically provided by contract manufacturers or third-party service providers. The specific services provided and the equipment used will depend on the requirements of the industry and the specific application, such as the volume of production, the complexity of the product, and the required level of precision.

  • What equipment is used in assembly & kitting?


    The equipment used in assembly and kitting services can vary widely depending on the specific requirements of the industry and application. Some common types of equipment used in assembly and kitting services include:

    1. Assembly machines: These machines can range from simple manual workstations to complex automated systems. Assembly machines can be used to perform a wide range of operations, including fitting, fastening, welding, and testing.
    2. Robotics: Robotics are commonly used in assembly and kitting services to automate repetitive or dangerous tasks. Robots can be programmed to perform a wide range of operations, including material handling, assembly, and testing.
    3. Conveyors: Conveyors are used to transport components and finished products between different stages of the assembly and kitting processes. Conveyors can range from simple manual systems to complex automated systems.
    4. Packaging equipment: Packaging equipment is used to package and distribute components and finished products. This can include equipment such as bagging machines, shrink-wrap machines, and box-making machines.
    5. Testing equipment: Testing equipment is used to verify that products meet specified quality standards. This can include equipment such as test jigs, automated test systems, and inspection machines.
    6. Material handling equipment: Material handling equipment is used to transport and store components and finished products during the assembly and kitting process. This can include equipment such as pallet jacks, cranes, and storage racks.

    The specific equipment used in assembly and kitting services will depend on the requirements of the industry and application, such as the complexity of the product, the required level of precision, and the volume of production.

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Additional Services

Kloeckner provides fabrication services and processes to more than 130,000 customers in 13 countries. Our global scale means we've invested in the latest technology and can pass on simplified logistics and reduced costs to our customers. See below for a sample of the services Kloeckner offers.
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