Cut-to-Length – 72″, Multi-Blanking Line

Kloeckner Metals is proud to carry a cut-to-length 72″ line with multi-blanking capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a cut-to-length line?


    A cut to length line is a type of industrial machinery that is used to cut sheet metal or coil stock into specific lengths. The machine typically consists of a decoiler, a straightener, a feeder, a cutting unit, and a stacker.

    The decoiler is used to hold the coil stock or sheet metal and unwind it as needed, while the straightener ensures that the material is flat and free of any bends or deformations. The feeder then moves the material into the cutting unit, which cuts it into the desired length using either a shear or a rotary blade. Finally, the stacker collects the cut pieces and prepares them for further processing or shipment.

    Cut to length lines are commonly used in the metalworking and steel industries, as well as in the production of components for appliances, automotive parts, and other manufactured goods. They are typically operated by skilled operators who are trained in the use of the machinery and in the handling of the materials being processed.

  • What does it mean when a cut-to-length line offers multi-blanking?


    When a cut to length line offers multi-blanking, it means that the machine is capable of cutting multiple blanks from a single sheet or coil of material in a single pass. This is achieved by using multiple sets of cutting blades or slitters that are positioned across the width of the material being processed.

    Multi-blanking is a highly efficient process that can increase productivity and reduce material waste, as it allows for the simultaneous production of multiple parts or components from a single sheet or coil of material. This is especially useful in industries that require high volumes of parts or components, such as automotive or appliance manufacturing.

    In addition to cutting multiple blanks, multi-blanking cut to length lines may also include features such as roll forming, punching, and bending to further shape and process the material as needed. The specific capabilities of a multi-blanking cut to length line will depend on the requirements of the manufacturing process and the desired output specifications for the final product.

  • What is a cut-to-length 72" line?


    A cut-to-length 72″ line is a type of industrial machinery used for cutting sheet metal or coil stock into specific lengths. The “72” refers to the maximum width of material that can be processed by the machine, which is 72 inches or 6 feet.


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