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With growing infrastructure needs and strong investments in alternative energy, Kloeckner Metals is proud to supply the United States government and military.

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Military & Government


The metals industry is important to the United States government and military because it supplies the raw materials needed to produce weapons, vehicles, and other equipment used by the military. Additionally, the metals industry also plays a vital role in the production of infrastructure and other government-funded projects. The availability of a strong domestic metals industry also allows for greater control over the supply chain and reduces dependence on foreign sources. Kloeckner Metals is proud to supply the United States government and military.

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Press Braking

Kloeckner is committed to providing end-to-end press...


Plasma Cutting

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Oxy-Fuel Cutting | Flame Cutting

Kloeckner Metals is proud to provide oxy-fuel...


Shot Blasting

Kloeckner offers industry-leading shot blasting and paint...



Kloeckner Metals offers beveling services throughout its...


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is metal used by the United States military & government?


    The United States military and government have significant metal needs, as metal is used in a wide range of equipment and infrastructure. Some examples of how metal is used include:

    1. Weaponry: Metal is used to manufacture a wide range of weapons, including small arms, tanks, and aircraft.
    2. Vehicles: Metal is used to manufacture vehicles for the military and government, such as tanks, trucks, and aircraft.
    3. Infrastructure: Metal is used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure, such as military bases, government buildings, and airports.
    4. Ships and submarines: Metal is used to manufacture ships and submarines for the military.
    5. Protective gear: Metal is used in the manufacturing of body armor and other protective gear for soldiers and other government personnel.
    6. Electronic and communication equipment: Metal is used in the manufacturing of electronic and communication equipment, such as radios and satellite equipment.
    7. Energy: Metal is used in the production of wind turbines, solar panels, and other renewable energy equipment, as part of the government’s initiative in reducing the carbon footprint.

    To meet these needs, the military and government rely on a combination of domestic and imported metal. The Department of Defense is the largest consumer of steel and aluminum, but it also relies on other metals such as titanium and nickel for specific applications. The government also has policies in place to secure the supply of critical metals for national security.

Additional Industries Served

In addition to serving the military & government, Kloeckner caters to a wide range of related industries including the solar, wind, and infrastructure sectors. Our mission is to be a full-line service center that offers customers unparalleled product scope, full logistical support, and superior customer service across the metals industry.
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