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Kloeckner Metals is proud to supply hot rolled bar in various high production value grades and formats.

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General Info About Hot Rolled Bar

Hot rolled bar offers excellent production value for high volume applications that do not require clean finishing characteristics. Manufactured from steel pieces and processed at extremely high temperatures, hot rolled steel is considered among the easiest steel products to work with for structural, industrial and commercial applications. In fact, hot rolled bar requires minimal processing steps to demonstrate quality strength, toughness, ductility, weldability, malleability and formability.

Commonly seen in the automotive, agriculture, mining, and architecture industries, hot rolled bar products are best designed for applications that do not need strict tolerances or have to satisfy precise complex geometries. For example, light poles, racking, shelving, railing, fences, frames, chassis, engine components, harvesters and tractors, and structural sections on bridges and railways are all possible end uses for hot rolled bar.

Hot rolled bar is available in different formats, including strips, squares, rounds, and flats to better meet unique project needs. Kloeckner Metals supplies A569 hot rolled strips, 1008 hot rolled strips, A36 hot rolled strips, A36 hot rolled squares, A36 hot rolled rounds, A36 hot rolled flats, A529-50 hot rolled flats, and A572-50 hot rolled flats.

More Details About Each Hot Rolled Bar Grade

  • A569

    A569 hot rolled strips offer resistance to cracking. Soft and ductile properties characterize A569 steel. As a result, A569 bends well and demonstrates moderate formability and welding capabilities. It is considered a high value low-carbon steel. Standards for this HR steel product mandate that the A569 must have a carbon content below 0.15%. It is heat treated at 2715.8°F 3185.6°F (1491°C – 1752°C).

  • AISI 1008

    AISI 1008 hot rolled strips are a general purpose low-carbon steel most commonly seen in the construction, agriculture, and automotive industries. AISI 1008 offers a tensile strength of 49.3 ksi and a Brinell hardness of 95. It is alloyed with 0.30-0.50% manganese.

  • A36

    One of the most widely known low-carbon, general purpose steels is A36. Due to beneficial mechanical properties such as a minimum yield strength of 36 ksi and a minimum tensile strength of 58 ksi, in combination with its easy-to-fabricate quality, A36 hot rolled steel products are selected for a wide range of industrial, commercial, structural applications and general fabrication projects. Kloeckner Metals supplies A36 hot rolled strips, A36 hot rolled squares, A36 hot rolled rounds, and A36 hot rolled flats.

  • A529-50

    A529 grade 50 offers many advantages. It shows high strength, good corrosion resistance, toughness, and ductility. A529 grade 50 finds its way into bridge support components, building framework, machine parts, and equipment. A529 grade 50 is alloyed primarily with manganese but also includes small amounts of phosphorus, silicon, sulfur, copper and carbon. One of the main standards for this steel bar product is that it must meet a minimum yield strength of 50 ksi. Kloeckner Metals supplies A529-50 hot rolled flats.

  • A572-50

    A572-50 is a high strength, low alloy steel widely used in general building construction. A572-50 must meet a standard minimum yield strength of 50 ksi. In addition to strength, A572-50 offers high notch toughness, ductility, and weldability. Other industries this steel grade frequently shows up are in the transportation and the architecture industry. Kloeckner Metals supplies A572-50 hot rolled flats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between hot rolled strips, squares, rounds, and flats?


    Hot rolled steel products are available in different formats, including strips, squares, rounds, and flats. These different HR products have distinct cross sections and faces that correspond with their given name and shape, as well as typical sizes. For example, hot rolled steel strips are similar to flat bar in both their cross sections and faces, however, strip is available in half the thickness as flat bar. Since strips are typically thinner than flats, they are likely to be used in applications requiring comparably less load bearing.

  • What is a hot rolled steel bar?


    Hot-rolled steel bars are low-carbon steels that have been heated to extreme temperatures. They are affordable and offer high production value due to minimal processing requirements and ease of formability. They are long-lasting and durable, used widely across a range of industries, and available in different formats to meet specific project requirements. One of the main disadvantages of this steel product is that it often has a rough finishing character, and does not typically offer strict tolerances for applications with complex geometries.

  • What is a hot rolled round bar?


    HR round bar is a type of steel bar product that undergoes a specific process called hot rolling. Round bar is characterized by a round cross section.

  • What is a hot rolled flat bar?


    HR flat bar is a type of steel bar product that undergoes a specific process called hot rolling. This product has a flat surface and rectangular face.

  • What are typical hot rolled steel bar tolerances?


    Steel bar products are purchased at nominal sizes. This signifies the thickness or diameter of the HR strip, flat bar, square bar or round bar. However, the actual size of most bars varies. Tolerances dictate the permitted amount of variation, which simplifies the ordering process for customers. The smaller the tolerance the more accurate and reliable the final steel product will be. They are usually noted with a “+/-“ followed by a number. For example,  +/- 0.005″ indicates a tolerance of 0.005 inches plus or minus  (over or under) the desired diameter.

    Since hot rolled steel requires steel to reach incredibly hot temperatures, altering the metal’s structure, shrinkage after cooling is common. This explains why hot rolled steel typically has larger tolerances and may not be the right choice for projects requiring strict tolerances.

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