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More Details About Each Angle

  • 6061

    This high strength, general purpose aluminum is the most commonly extruded alloy. Following heat treatment its strength will match that of a low grade steel. 6061 aluminum angle is an ideal aluminum where a combination of good surface finishing, corrosion resistance, and good strength-to-weight ratio are required. The applications for this alloy are wide ranging. They include automotive and aerospace parts, sail boats and bridge components.

  • 6063

    6063 aluminum is the optimum extrusion alloy. It demonstrates excellent surface finish and is often used for decorative trim, exterior railing, and door frames. Because this grade has a poor strength-to-weight ratio, it should not be used for critical load bearing applications. It can be anodized to increase resistance to corrosion.

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General Info

Angles have two legs. They can be equal or unequal lengths, and are arranged to form a 90 degree angle. Excellent weldability, extrudability, strength, corrosion resistance, moderate wear resistance, formability, and machinability make up some of the beneficial qualities for choosing aluminum angles. They are seen in structural and general engineering and manufacturing applications across a wide range of industries, including architectural, construction, and automotive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an aluminum angle?


    It is shaped like an uppercase-L, at 90 degrees. The legs can be of either equal or unequal lengths, and flanges can be either tapered (structural) or straight (architectural).

  • In what sizes are angles available?


    Size will depend on the particular aluminum alloy angle product.

  • What is the difference between an angle and a channel?


    It’s possible to think about angles as half of an aluminum channel. While an angle will form the letter L, an aluminum channel will form a straight-backed C or U. Because of their different shape, they have different applications. Typically speaking, channels can bear more weight.

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