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  • Aluminum Beam
    Available in the following alloys & tempers:
    T6 | T6511

More Details About Each Aluminum Beam

  • 6061

    6061 aluminum is a high value extrusion product. In fact, it is the most widely used 6000 series alloy due to excellent extrusion capability, strength, corrosion resistance, weldability, and machinability. This beam is most commonly seen in truck bodies, frames, and structural components.


General Info About Aluminum Beams

Aluminum beams are an extrusion product with uses ranging from automotive crossmember and other parts, aerospace equipment, general structural applications in the construction and architecture industries, and pipe fittings and containers. I-beams and wide flange beams are available in 6061 aluminum alloy in the T4 and T6 tempers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an aluminum beam?


    It is an aluminum extrusion product that can support pressure and strain. It is shaped like an uppercase I, where the web is narrow and the legs are tapered with equal lengths. It is typically lighter than wide flange beams. For wide flange beams, the web is longer than it is in the I-beam, but the legs are still tapered at equal lengths. This makes wide flange beams heavier, and capable of bearing higher loads. They are used across industries for both structural and decorative uses.

  • What is the most popular beam?


    The I-beam is considered the most popular beam. The I-beam can be used for structural uses, and structural support for buildings and in automotive, and is often used for framing for trucks, trailers, buses, and trains. Because all of these applications are widespread the I-beam is in high demand.

  • What is the effect of anodizing an aluminum beam?


    When an aluminum beam will be exposed to harsh weather conditions where enduring a corrosive environment is required, anodizing is a surface finishing method that will boost the oxide layer on the aluminum product. This oxide layer protects it, making it more capable of withstanding extreme weather and corrosive environments, such as constant exposure to seawater.

  • What are typical beam sizes?


    Please reach out to our sales team for all available beam sizes,

  • Where are aluminum beams for sale?


    Kloeckner Metals supplies aluminum beams for sale nationwide.

  • What is an aluminum H-beam and how does it compare to the I-beam?


    I-beams and H-beams are interchangeable names for the universal column. They both have a web and equal length legs.

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