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Kloeckner Metals is proud to supply steel bar in a breadth of formats including rebar, hot rolled, and cold finished, across a range of metals grades and shapes.

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Kloeckner processes bars in a variety of shapes, from simple to complex, cut to any length and finished for assembly. Stocking the most extensive inventory in the industry, Kloeckner is able to combine the highest level of service with expert consultation and just-in-time delivery.

General Info About Steel Bar Products

Steel bars provide core competence across industries, from automotive and textile, to heavy machinery, bridge, road, and building construction. They can improve structural integrity by assisting with load bearing support, and increasing ductility, durability, and strength.

Steel bar maintains high popularity due to tremendous versatility — both in terms of how they can be processed and also how they can be shaped. Steel reinforcing bars, also known as rebar, can be produced primarily for structural support. Steel bar can also be hot rolled or cold finished to meet mechanical specifications for a range of projects. Steel bar is available in various shapes including, strips, squares, rounds, flats. and hexagons.

Rebar commonly supports concrete and masonry structures. Rebar helps prevent flooring, walls, and concrete structures from cracking, sagging, or collapsing and improves mechanical fastenings. Rebar shows increased tensile strength and ease of bending and forming. Kloeckner Metals supplies rebar manufactured from high-grade carbon steel in A615 GR 60 and A615 GR 40.

Hot rolled steel bar is a strong, tough, ductile, formable and weldable steel that also offers excellent malleability, affordability and high production value, due to fewer processing steps. Its rougher surface makes it an ideal choice for rail tracks and other applications which do not require a clean finish. Kloeckner Metals supplies A569 hot rolled strips, 1008 hot rolled strips, A36 hot rolled strips, A36 hot rolled squares, A36 hot rolled rounds, A36 hot rolled flats, A529-50 hot rolled flats, and A572-50 hot rolled flats.

Cold finished steel bar processing results in higher tensile strength and better resistance to breaking under tension. Since cold finishing processes occur close to or at room temperature, the steel requires greater pressure and processing time to achieve uniform thickness and a smooth clean finish. It is ideal for home appliances, certain tools and mold components, metal furniture and other products requiring consistent thickness and a smooth, clean finish. Kloeckner Metals supplies A108 cold finished squares, C1018 cold finished squares, A108 cold finished rounds, C1018 cold finished rounds, A108 cold finished hexagons, C1018 cold finished hexagons, and A108 cold finished flats, and C1018 cold finished flats.

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More Details About Each Bar Grade

  • A615 GR 60

    A615 grade 60 rebar steel is designed for structural applications. More specifically, this steel bar product grade is best for concrete reinforcement and strengthening. It is typically used in bridge, road, and other construction. It must have met standard specifications for a maximum phosphorus content of 0.060%. A615 grade 60 shows a minimum tensile strength at 89.92 ksi and a minimum yield strength of 59.90 ksi.

  • A615 GR 40

    A615 grade 40 rebar steel satisfies requirements for structural and strengthening applications, primarily where building materials hold concrete in compression. It improves mechanical fastening capabilities with concrete constructions. Similar to A615 grade 60 steel it must not exceed a phosphorous percentage greater than 0.060%. However, it differs from A615 grade 60 in terms of strength. Its minimum tensile strength is 70.05 ksi and its minimum yield strength is 40 ksi.

  • A569

    A569 is a high value low-carbon steel best known for its soft and ductile properties. This steel bar product grade resists cracking and accommodates bending, moderate forming, and welding. Carbon content for A569 must be less than 0.15%. Kloeckner metals supplies A569 hot rolled strips.

  • 1008

    AISI 1008 is a general purpose low-carbon steel. It can be cold formed, welded, or bent to serve in construction, agriculture, and automotive applications. Kloeckner Metals supplies AISI 1008 hot rolled strips.

  • A36

    A36 is a popular, mild carbon, general purpose steel. It is used across industries, from bridge construction and automotive to general construction and heavy equipment. It isA529-50 often selected for structural applications and for trailers, walkways, ramps, and other general fabrication projects. It shows good overall mechanical properties and is easily fabricated. It has a minimum yield strength of 36 ksi and a minimum tensile strength of 58 ksi. Kloeckner Metals supplies A36 hot rolled strips, hot rolled squares, hot rolled rounds, and hot rolled flats.

  • A529 GR 50

    A529 grade 50 is a high strength steel with good corrosion resistance, toughness, and ductility. It is popular as bridge support components and as framing support in high rises, machinery, and equipment. It contains manganese and amounts of phosphorus, silicon, sulfur, copper and carbon to meet a standard minimum yield strength of 50 ksi. Kloeckner Metals supplies A529-50 hot rolled flats.

  • A572 GR 50

    A572-50 provides an ideal combination of high strength, high notch toughness, good ductility, and good weldability. It is common in general building construction, the transportation industry, and the architecture industry. Kloeckner Metals supplies A572-50 hot rolled flats.

  • A108

    A108 is a plain carbon steel often processed for components for construction applications. Kloeckner Metals supplies A108 cold finished squares, A108 cold finished rounds, A108 cold finished hexagons, and A108 cold finished flats.

  • C1018

    C1018 steel is a popular low carbon steel with good weldability, quality surface hardening, higher strength, and improved machinability. The cold finishing processes improves tensile strength, yield strength, torsional strength, surface hardness and wear resistance, and reduces ductility. C1018 is purposed for various carburized parts such as gears and can also be used in machine parts and other tools. Kloeckner Metals supplies C1018 cold finished squares, C1018 cold finished rounds, C1018 cold finished hexagons, and C1018 cold finished flats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between hot rolled and cold finished bar?


    Hot rolled processing requires that steel be formed above the steel’s recrystallization temperature (approximately 1700° F). This allows the steel to be shaped and formed easily. Malleability is one of the key benefits of hot rolled steel. There are also fewer steps when hot rolling which often results in lower production costs. However, hot rolled steel tends to vary in thickness and takes on a harsher exterior finishing characteristic. Therefore, it is not recommended for any decorative or aesthetic applications. Hot rolled steel is best for high production quantities where a clean finishing characteristic is not required.

    Cold rolled processing occurs in cold reduction mills. Steel is cooled to at or around room temperature below the steel’s recrystallization temperature. It is annealed and sent through a pair of rollers. These rollers shape the metal to specific uniform thicknesses and controlled tolerances with a more polished surface finishing character. Cold rolled steel also produces high tensile strength. This offers better resistance to tension.

  • What is common between strips, squares, rounds, and flats?


    Strips, squares, rounds, and flats are all different types of steel bar formats.

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