Steel C1018 Cold Finished Squares, Rounds, Flats

Kloeckner Metals stocks a variety of cold finished products including steel C1018 cold finished squares, rounds, hexagons, and flats.

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General Info About C1018 Cold Finished Squares, Rounds, Hexagons, Flats

C1018 cold finished steel is one of the most commonly used low-carbon steels. This steel can also be hot rolled, but most of it is produced by cold drawing. This cold drawing process gives C1018 high tensile and yield strength, surface hardness, and wear resistance, but can also lower ductility.

Steel C1018 has excellent weldability and ductility due to its low carbon content and other chemical properties. It is typically heat treated to create the products that it is used to produce.

It is typically used to create carburized parts such as gears, machine parts, tools, and molds. These tools are often used in construction settings from large to small. C1018 steel is a versatile material that is very commonly used.

More Details About C1018 Cold Finished Squares, Rounds, Flats

  • Advantages/Disadvantages
    • Advantages
      • C1018 has good weldability due to its low carbon content.
      • It has great machinability.
      • It has high tensile and yield strength.
      • AISI C1018 steel has good surface hardening quality.
    • Disadvantages
      • Ductility is reduced because of the cold drawing process.
  • Industries

    C1018 is typically used to create carburized parts. These parts are used in circumstances where things need to be put together or built. This means they are typically used in the construction industry, or used in lower-scale construction situations such as a home building.

  • Applications

    Steel C1018 is used to make carburized parts. These parts typically include gears, ratchets, worms, pins, pinions, chain pins, machine parts, tools, and molds. The strength and hardness of C1018 steel are what make it great for these parts.

  • Machining

    This low-carbon steel has good machinability due to its chemical properties. Low-carbon steels are often easier to machine due to their softer properties. Although, the cold rolled process decreases ductility, making C1018 harder to machine than some other low-carbon steels.

  • Welding

    C1018 has great weldability. High-quality carburized parts are produced due to this weldability. It is typically welded at temperatures of -12°C to 38°C depending on the thickness of the steel.

  • Heat Treatment

    This steel is often heat treated. Some treatments include carburizing treatment, reheat treatment, carbonitriding treatment, and temper treatment. Heat treatment is also an option after the steel has been welded.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is C1018 the same as 1018?


    They are the same steel, but the difference lies in the process of creating the steel. C1018 is cold rolled 1018 steel, hence the letter “C” at the beginning. 1018 is used to refer to the hot rolled version of AISI 1018 steel.

  • Is C1018 the same as A36?


    No, 1018 and A36 steel are very different steels! 1018 steel is typically cold rolled while A36 is more likely to be hot rolled. A36 has a higher carbon content than 1018. 1018 steel has higher tensile and yield strength than A36.

  • What is 1018 steel used for?


    1018 steel is typically used as carburized steel. This process increases the strength of the steel, and it is typically used for carburized parts and tools. These parts include gears, ratchets, machine parts, pins, molds, and more.

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