Kloeckner Metals supplies rebar manufactured from high-grade carbon steel in A615 GR 60 and A615 GR 40 in a range of sizes.


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General Info About Rebar

Rebar, otherwise known as reinforcing bar, supports concrete and masonry structures. By providing strength and stability, rebar helps to prevent concrete structures from cracking, sagging, or collapsing. Designed specifically for structural purpose, rebar demonstrates high tensile strengths and is easy to bend and form. This bar product is commonly seen in the architectural industry to reinforce concrete slab columns in medium to heavy commercial applications, walls, roadways, driveways, swimming pools, parking structures, brick buildings, skyscrapers, and other structures. However,  applications are best suited according to their imperial size.  Kloeckner routinely stocks A615 GR 60 and A615 GR 40 from imperial size #3 to #11.

More Details About Each Rebar Grade

  • A615 GR 60

    A615 grade 60 steel excels in primary and secondary concrete reinforcement and strengthening. A615 grade 60 steel supports more even distribution of tension and absorbs stress and weight in bridge, road, and other construction.

    A615 grade 60 shows a minimum tensile strength at 89.92 ksi and a minimum yield strength of 59.90 ksi. It must have meet ASTM standard specifications for a maximum phosphorus content of .060%.

  • A615 GR 40

    A615 grade 40 steel is designed for structural and strengthening applications, providing a minimum tensile strength of 70.05 ksi and a minimum yield strength of 40 ksi. It is mainly used when building materials must hold concrete in compression. As is the case with A615 grade 60 steel, this bar product grade must not exceed a phosphorous content above .060%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are typical rebar sizes?


    ASTM sets the standards for rebar sizes. Measurements often include the weight, area, and diameter of the metal product. From imperial bar size #3 to #18, the bar diameter increases by 1/8 inch, making calculations simple. By multiplying the bar size by 1/8 you are able to calculate diameter in inches (i.e., #8 rebar = 8/8 inches or 1 inch) in diameter.

    Kloeckner Metals supplies #3 reinforcing bar which is a thinner, high value steel bar product that adds strength to driveways, outdoor patios and swimming pools, and even some roads and walkways. As the numbers increase the rebar increases in thickness, which often correlates with improved strength capacity. Kloeckner Metals supplies reinforcing bar up to size #11, which is considered a heavy-duty reinforcing bar designed for load-bearing structures.

  • How well does rebar bend?


    Reinforcing bar is commonly bent when used to reinforce various structures. This is a skillful practice, as the consequences for incorrectly bending rebar can have dire consequences where structural integrity is concerned. Learn more about bending rebar.

  • How is it cutting rebar?


    This bar product can be easily cut with various tools and proper safety protocols. While this can be done DIY, it’s important to note that the thicker the bar the more difficult it will be to cut. It is usually beneficial to have specialized metal fabricators deliver custom cuts, as reinforcing bar can be long, cumbersome, and heavy to work with while cutting. Inquire today about Kloeckner Metals custom cut services.

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