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With processes and products that match our nation’s ever-evolving energy needs, Kloeckner is at the forefront as solar technology advances into the future.

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The Solar Industry

solar industry

Kloeckner is proud to spearhead the processes and products that are advancing the solar industry into the future. Kloeckner offers a full array of structural components for solar farms including panels, clips, and more. For reliable, advanced, and cost-effective solutions that can withstand harsh conditions, Kloeckner is your partner in renewable energy.

Products Serving the Solar Industry

Services Provided to the Solar Industry

Tube Laser

With investments in the latest laser tube...


Roll Forming

Kloeckner’s roll forming service is capable of...


Laser Cutting

For a better cut, choose Kloeckner, the...


Press Braking

Kloeckner is committed to providing end-to-end press...


Plate Processing

Let Kloeckner’s experienced thermal and plasma cutting...


Stretcher Leveling

With vast investments in the latest stretcher...



With strong investments in the latest equipment,...



When it comes to drilling equipment and...


Precision Leveling

With expanded precision leveling capabilities thanks to...



Thanks to industry leadership in innovation, Kloeckner...



Providing the latest stamping capabilities is one...



Kloeckner is capable of MIG, TIG, and...


Cut to Length

Leading the North American metals industry with...


Special Equipment Serving the Solar Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of steel is used in solar panels?


    Stainless steel is primarily used thanks to its resistance to corrosion. Solar panels are often located in places where the elements are a major factor, so stainless steel is popular with the solar industry since it does not rust. Additionally stainless steel does not warp, break, or melt in extreme temperatures.

  • Why is aluminum used in solar panels?


    The lightweight and good conductivity of aluminum make it an ideal metal for solar panels. Furthermore, aluminum is affordable and has the potential to increase the availability of solar panels. Due to its reflective properties, aluminum may even help improve the efficiency of solar panels.

  • What are solar panel mounts made out of?


    In the solar industry, solar mounts are typically constructed out of aluminum or steel. Both metals are extremely resistant to corrosion and affordable. Which of the two metals is appropriate depends on the environment and climate.

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Additional Industries Served

In addition to serving the solar industry, Kloeckner caters to a wide range of related industries including the wind, recycling and refuse, and other sectors. Our mission is to be a full-line service center that offers customers unparalleled product scope, full logistical support, and superior customer service across the metals industry.
Oil & Gas
With reliable, advanced, and cost-effective solutions at...
Kloeckner Metals is proud to be a...
Kloeckner is here to supply the North...


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