Robotic Welding Arm – Panasonic TM-2000WG III

Kloeckner Metals is proud to introduce our Panasonic TM-2000WG III Robotic Welding Arm. Built to give repeatability and quality to precision high volume parts, it has custom-made headstocks and tailstocks that give us four welding surfaces. It has two sides and can flip, welding on one side as it changes parts on the other. The Panasonic TM-2000WG III never stops working, eliminating changeover between parts and giving Kloeckner Metals customers the opportunity for high precision welds on high volume parts. Given the right sequence, the Robotic Welding Arm will produce a perfect weld in the same spot every time. It is ideal for the automotive industry and sub-work on heavy construction.

Panasonic TM-2000WG III Robotic Welding Arm


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