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Kloeckner is here to supply the North American electrical industry with high-quality processes and products that will stand the test of time.

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The Electrical Industry


Kloeckner proudly produces a range of high-quality parts for enclosures, including panels, switch boxes, cabinets, welding wire, engineered cabs, lighting equipment, framing, and transformers. Whether you are in the telecommunications or electrical industries, Kloeckner offers quick, reliable, and cost-effective solutions that cater to your needs.

Products Serving the Electrical Industry

Services Provided to the Electrical Industry

Press Braking

Kloeckner is committed to providing end-to-end press...



Providing the latest stamping capabilities is one...



Kloeckner is at the forefront of the...


Laser Cutting

For a better cut, choose Kloeckner, the...


Plasma Cutting

Leading the North American metals industry with...


Hot Dip Galvanizing And Galvanization

Galvanization enhances the look and performance of...


Special Equipment Serving the Electrical Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are sheet metal enclosures?


    Sheet metal steel enclosures are metal cases or covers used to protect electrical equipment from the environment and prevent electric shock to equipment users. They are commonly used in the electrical industry for circuit breakers, contactors, control panels, and switches. There are several benefits associated with sheet metal enclosures, including their ability to conduct electricity, reduce emissions, and withstand harsh industrial environments.

  • What metal are electrical panels made of?


    An electrical panel is a metal box with a door containing circuit breaker switches. These panels are commonly made from stainless steel, aluminum, or galvanized mild steel. Despite metal being conductive, electrical panels are grounded, so if a live wire touches them, electricity is redirected away from anything potentially dangerous.

  • What are switch boxes made of?


    There are different types of switch boxes, including those that support toggle switches, duplex devices, decorative devices, and electrical outlets. Most boxes are made of plastic or metal. The metal boxes are generally made of steel.

  • What is the difference between 5052 aluminum and 6061 aluminum sheet metal enclosures?


    The lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties of aluminum make it an ideal material for sheet metal parts and enclosures. 5052 aluminum’s ability to bend into tight shapes without cracking is renowned. Due to its ease of machining and welding, 5052 is ideal for metal sheet enclosures. Although 6061 is more susceptible to cracking than 5052, because of how soft the metal is, It is ideal for CNC machined parts, panels and enclosures.

Additional Industries Served

In addition to serving the electrical industry, Kloeckner serves a slew of related industries including the HVAC, appliance, and transmission pole sectors. We aim to be a full-line service center that offers customers full logistical support, unparalleled product scope, and superior customer service across the metals industry.
Spearheading processes and products that match the...
Kloeckner is a leader in raw material...
Combining unparalleled scope and quality of HVAC...
Plate Fabrication
Thanks to innovative processes, superior customer service,...


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