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Kloeckner Metals Corporation is proud to be a Chicago metal supplier that operates a 360,000 sq. ft. service center on the grounds of the Illinois International Port District. The Port was founded at the mouth of the Chicago River on Lake Michigan. Located just 20 minutes from the Windy City, Kloeckner Chicago South Metron is located close to the customers it serves.

Kloeckner Chicago (South Metron) is all about value-added services and products. We offer high definition plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, plasma beveling, oxy-fuel beveling, and machined bevels along with a ½” x 96″ cut to length line, ¼” x 76″ cut to length line, and a new 5/8″ x 84″ redbud stretcher leveler. Kloeckner Chicago (South Metron) also carries a large inventory of pattern width and length material ranging from 16 gauge x 48″ wide sheets up to 120” x 480” plates. Safety, quality, and service are our top goals.

ISO 9001:2015

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Chicago (South Metron)

12900 South Metron Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60633
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  • Facts
    • Chicago’s (South Metron) facility is 360,000 sq. ft.
    • Products in this division include HR sheet, plate, HRP&O, and floor plate.
    • Chicago (South Metron) delivers throughout North America.
    • Chicago (South Metron) is an ISO 9001 registered in quality system.
    • This facility is rail served by Chicago South Shore.
    • Chicago (South Metron) has the following material:
      • HR 16ga – 6′ Plate
      • Pattern widths 48/60/72/84/96/120
      • Cut to length 36″-840″
      • Flame cut lengths 1″-840″
      • A1011 cs-b, Floor Plate, A36, A572 gr50, A572 g365.
      • SA516 gr70, SA455, SA414 grG, A656 gr80.
  • Key Equipment
    • Red Bud 5/8″ x 84″ stretcher leveler
    • Bradbury 1/2″ x 96″ wide cut to length line
    • Bradbury 3/16″ x 76″ wide cut to length line
    • Alltra 400 amp hi def plasma / contour beveling / oxy fuel
    • Heath 400 amp hi def plasma / oxy fuel
    • Alltra 260 amp hi def plasma
    • Mynuc 200 amp plasma / oxy fuel
    • Alltra 10 torch oxy fuel
    • Multiple Pullmax / Gullco beveling stations
  • Special Programs

    Chicago’s (South Metron) special programs include:

    • Toll processing
    • Delivery via truck, rail, and barge
    • Parts Manager, Kloeckner’s Contract Management Portal
    • Consignment programs
    • Just-in-time programs
    • Daily, quarterly, semi annual, and annual pricing
    • In-house CAD programming

Other Branches

Chicago (University Park)
25056 Will Center Road, University Park, Illinois 60484
Chicago (Bloomingdale)
4940 W. Bloomingdale Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60639
8301 East 33rd Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46226


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