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Kloeckner Metals specializes in an array of martensitic steel grades and tempers, supplied nationwide across our 40+ branches.


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  • Martensitic Steel
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More Details About Each Martensitic Steel Grade

  • MS1300

    This innovative steel grade is intended for safety structural parts for passenger vehicles. One of the main benefits of this grade steel is that it lowers the overall weight of safety structural components in passenger vehicles by over a third. The tensile strength for this MS automotive steel grade is 1300 MPa.

  • MS1500

    This MS grade is one of the strongest high strength steels. It is growing in popularity for its outstanding capability to protect EV batteries and for use in bumper and door beams and reinforcement. Along with MS1700, this grade is considered an automotive lightweighting ultra high strength steel (UHSS).

  • MS1700

    MS1700 shows the highest ultimate tensile strength of this steel group and is currently purposed for automotive roof railing. Otherwise, it is best for applications that require high strength and good fatigue resistance, such as belt line and side sill reinforcements.


General Info About Martensitic Steel

MS steel grades boast some of the highest tensile strength levels within the AHSS/UHSS group. While other martensite steels are 100% martensite, MS grades are considered part of the multiphase steel group. These steels have a martensitic matrix which includes trace amounts of ferrite and bainite. MS steel grades were specifically introduced to meet the needs of the automotive industry for use in cross members, bumper reinforcement, and side intrusion beams. They showcase ultimate tensile strengths up to 1700 MPa.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between austenitic vs martensitic steel?


    Martensite and austenite refer to steel microstructure. They make up two of the four types of stainless steels. With low levels of carbon and high amounts of nickel and chromium, austenitic steels showcase good formability, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. In their annealed condition, austenitic steels are not magnetic.

    Because of these differences in microstructure, strength is one of the main differences between these two kinds of steels. Austenitic steels are much softer than martensitic steels.

    MS grade steels do not have austenitic structures, and instead contain higher levels of carbon and small amounts of bainite and ferrite.

  • What are the most common martensitic stainless steels?


    The most common martensitic steel grade is 410.

  • Are martensitic steels stainless steels?


    Yes, this is one of the four types of stainless steels. The other stainless steels are: austenitic, ferritic, and duplex.

  • Is martensitic stainless steel magnetic?


    Yes, these steels are magnetic.

  • What is the martensitic transformation in steel?


    Transformation hardening is the process by which steel is heated to extreme temperatures and then is cooled quickly following the austenite phase.

  • Why is martensitic steel a fixture in the automotive industry?


    These steel grades showcase qualities that are sought out by vehicle manufacturers. For instance, automotive lightweighting benefits fuel economy, which is one clear advantage these steels offer. Another clear advantage is that the higher strength levels produce crash resistant vehicles that satisfy safety regulations.

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