Prepainted Steel

Prepainted steel achieves quality color customization through a highly efficient, automated painting process. Kloeckner Metals is proud to be a top prepainted steel coils supplier.

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General Info About Prepainted Steel

Prepainted, or coil coated steel, produces custom colors at high volumes, and is widely used in metal roofing, the automotive industry, and household appliances. What sets prepainted steel apart from post-painting? At each point in the process, prepainted steel delivers an unmatched result. Prepainted steel is popular across industries for widespread applications due to the abundant color and texture options, superior adhesion, reliable surface consistency that can be cut, bent, and generally worked without damaging the finished coating, and a much more efficient production process.

What’s the value of painting steel before machining and fabricating the steel further? It’s all about the quality of the paint — how well it adheres to the metal’s surface, how evenly applied it is, and how it holds up as the steel receives further processing, like being bent or sheared. Prepainted steel requires advanced technology that uncoils cold rolled and galvanized sheet metal. This is an extremely streamlined process that includes degreasing the steel, cleaning, treating, sealing, curing, and cooling in a continuous cycle until a paper-thin, highly durable, coating of paint sticks uniformly to the entire metal’s surface. Because the painting occurs before any further fabrication or machining, and is achieved through automation, fewer surface blemishes occur than when paint is sprayed on.

Prepainted steel sheet will be used for roofs, doorways, and interiors, insulation, appliances, automotive, and solar reflective paneling. Kloeckner Metals is a leading prepainted steel coils supplier in hot rolled dry, HRPO, cold rolled, galvanized, galvannealed, and galvalume formats.

More Details About Prepainted Steel

  • Advantages/Disadvantages


    There are many advantages to prepainted steel. First, prepainted steel sheet and prepainted steel coils offer a high performance alternative to post painting metal that benefits high volume production levels seen in metal roofing, automotive manufacturing, appliances, and many other industries. Its efficient process takes into account the many possibilities for desirable colors and textures for wide ranging applications and achieves a consistent surface finish.


    If you’re looking to paint steel, there’s not an obvious reason not to consider prepainting. Two slight disadvantages might be added cost—if you aren’t certain you want color it might be beneficial to leave the steel unpainted—and added weight.

  • Industries

    Prepainted steel benefits many industries. It can especially benefit industries that operate at high volume and need consistent color matching, and uniform surfaces. Some of the major industries utilizing prepainted steel coils suppliers are the architectural industry, the automotive industry, general commercial building and residential building, and the appliance industry.

  • Applications

    Prepainted metal is great for various applications. It is particularly useful in applications that require an even and durable surface, and in applications that benefit from color customization. Some common applications for this prepainted steel coils include metal roofs, garages, insulation, appliance components, automotive manufacturing, and paneling, among many others.

  • Machining

    Prepainted steel is able to be machined. In fact, this is one of its main advantages. Painting steel prior to forming and shearing metal is recommended over post-painting fabricated materials.

  • Welding

    It is possible to weld prepainted metal. As long as the proper welding processes are enacted, prepainted metal will respond well.

More Details about Steels We Prepaint

  • Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled

    Hot rolled pickled and oiled steel (HRPO) improves protection against corrosion through the process of pickling. Pickling refers to an acid bath that removes surface oxides. After this oxide film is removed, the steel is rinsed and finished with an oil coating.

  • Hot Rolled Dry

    In the hot rolled dry process, oxide surfaces are removed in an acid bath, then the steel is rinsed.

  • Galvannealed

    Galvanizing steel (i.e. placing the steel in a zinc bath) is the first step in the galvannealing process. The next step is a heat treatment called annealing. Annealing galvanized steel results in a zinc-iron alloy coating that hardens on the surface. Galvannealed steel has a matte aesthetic, and is more scratch resistant than galvanized steel. It takes well to paint.

  • Galvanized

    Galvanization includes exposing metal to a zinc bath. Galvanized steel refers to cold rolled steel hot-dipped in a zinc bath.

  • Galvalume

    Galvalume steel has a high-performing protective layering composed of zinc, aluminum, and silicon. Galvalume shows the best characteristics of each metal. It is widely used for outdoor metal roofing, metal paneling, and other metal building products.

  • Cold Rolled

    Room temperature steel passes through high pressure rollers to produce cold rolled steel. Cold rolled steel has a characteristically smooth surface quality and even thickness throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I look for in prepainted steel coil suppliers?


    Prepainted steel coil suppliers should have the most advanced technology to produce the most refined prepainted products, plus engaged service teams and customer solutions that will ensure you’re getting exactly what you need. Additionally, look out for metal fabrication services and exceptional logistics support to get your final product to you on your timeline. When your prepainted steel coil supplier brings all this to the table, you can look forward to  longstanding relationships that will bring ease to future orders with reliable and consistent results.

  • What is the benefit to prepainted metal?


    Pre-painted or coil coated metal is produced by a highly automated process as an alternative to post-painting metal. Comparatively, prepainting produces a higher integrity, more corrosion resistant top coat of almost any color imaginable. Prepainted steel and prepainted aluminum are both very common for metal roofing, the automotive industry, and household appliances.

    The main benefit to prepainted metal stems from the efficient process through which a final layer of paint adheres with exceptional results and can then be further processed without risk of damage.

  • What is the difference between prepainted steel coils and prepainted steel sheet?


    The difference between steel sheet and steel coil is the thickness of the metal. Coil is a lighter gauge metal product. As a result prepainted coil sheets will be slightly lighter, which is a plus if the end application will require significant bending and forming after being painted.

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