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New equipment and expanded structural cambering capabilities mean many customers go to Kloeckner for all of their metals needs.

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Kloeckner offers diverse structural cambering capabilities throughout our North American locations. We’re proud to offer an unprecedented wealth of standard and custom product, allowing our customers to invoice their entire supply chain through one supplier. Our commitment to giving our customers a seamless ordering process also means we offer sophisticated logistics services, complete inventory management, and expert consultation throughout. Kloeckner can be your partner in getting you the products you need while saving you time and money.

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Fabricators & Machine Shops

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Heavy Trucks

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Ship Building

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between cambering and structural cambering?


    Cambering and structural cambering are both terms used in the field of structural engineering and refer to different types of deflections in a structure. Cambering refers to the intentional upward curvature built into a structure, usually a beam or truss, during the construction process. Cambering is used to counteract the deflection that will occur when the structure is loaded, so that the final deflection of the structure is minimized. Cambering is often used in long-span structures, such as bridges or roofs, to compensate for the expected deflection under load.

    Structural cambering, on the other hand, refers to the deflection that occurs in a structure as a result of the weight of the materials used in its construction, or other factors such as temperature changes or loads. Structural cambering is not intentional, but rather a natural consequence of the forces acting on the structure. Structural cambering can be a desirable or undesirable effect, depending on the specific design requirements and the intended use of the structure.

  • Which metal types are most commonly cambered?


    The specific types of metal products that are most commonly cambered will depend on the specific industry and application. However, in general, beams and trusses are some of the most common types of metal products that are cambered.

    In the construction industry, for example, steel beams and trusses are often cambered during the manufacturing process to compensate for the expected deflection under load. This helps to ensure that the final position of the beam or truss meets the design requirements and provides the necessary support.

    In addition to beams and trusses, other types of metal products that may be cambered include plates, sheets, bars, pipes, tubes, angles, and channels. The decision to camber a particular type of metal product will depend on the specific application and design requirements, as well as the manufacturer’s capabilities and expertise.

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