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density stainless steel

What Is the Density of Stainless Steel?

This article was published on: 11/16/21 8:00 AM

In the material world, density matters. We may not spend much time pondering how dense a substance is, but metallurgists and engineers probably think about density more than most consumers realize. The density of an object determines whether it will float or sink. Do you know why a tiny pebble will drop to the bottom …

CRP Kloeckner at the Drake House

KloecknerCares: Volunteer Day at The Drake House

This article was published on: 11/10/21 8:00 AM

No matter where you live or work, there is a community in need beyond what you may immediately see or know about. One of the motivations for Kloeckner Metals’ KloecknerCares initiative is to promote care for our local communities and build relationships with organizations built to directly serve these needs. This past August six corporate …

stainless steel grades

A Short Guide to Grades of Stainless Steel

This article was published on: 11/1/21 8:00 AM

Since stainless steel is aesthetically pleasing and corrosion resistant, it’s often used in manufacturing items such as cookware, kitchen sinks, and vehicles. The term stainless steel refers to any of several iron-based alloys that include the element chromium as at least 10.5% of their composition. Although all stainless steel is defined by its crystalline structure, …

Amada laser

Welcoming the Amada Ensis 3015 AJ Laser Kloeckner Metals Nashville (AFI)

This article was published on: 10/28/21 8:00 AM

The Amada Ensis 3015 AJ Laser and Amada AMS 3015 are the latest equipment additions to Kloeckner Metals Nashville (American Fabricators). The Amada Ensis 3015 AJ Laser is a 6kW fiber optic laser that adjusts laser beam diameter to enable continuous processing of thin-to-thick materials. It works in combination with the 10-shelf tower AMS 3015, …

Kyle Otte Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: The Best Advice Kyle Otte Ever Got

This article was published on: 10/25/21 8:00 AM

Kyle Otte recalls the best advice his father could have ever given him – advice he’s passed onto his own kids. His father said, “I don’t care what you do, as long as you: work hard provide for your family do something that is legal and ethical I don’t care if you are the President …

welding stainless steel

A Short Guide to Welding Stainless Steel

This article was published on: 10/18/21 8:00 AM

The welding of stainless steel is substantially different from welding other materials. The difference begins with the unique chemical composition of stainless steel. What is stainless steel? Like other steels, stainless steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. What makes stainless steel different, though, is its inclusion of at least 10.5% chromium, an element …

HR Moving On Up

Moving On Up With Kloeckner Metals’ Training Programs

This article was published on: 10/14/21 8:00 AM

One way Kloeckner Metals stands out is by the breadth and depth of its training programs. Professional development spans multiple intensive programs designed for different career stages. Just a few include Leading for Success, the Rotational Management program, and the College Intern Program, with more on the way. Hear more from just a few graduates …

Kathy Kester

Employee Spotlight: Kathy Kester’s 33 Years in the Metals Industry

This article was published on: 10/8/21 3:00 PM

In the 80’s, Kathy Kester was working for a trucking company that hauled steel. There weren’t a lot of women in the metals industry back then. Even though it was the 80s, it felt more like the 50s – like Mad Men. Female professionals would be called “little girls,” for instance. Kathy’s upbringing hadn’t prepared …

Messer Cutting Systems

Messer Cutting Systems TMC 4500 DB: New at Atlanta Plate

This article was published on: 10/5/21 8:00 AM

Messer Cutting Systems TMC 4500 DB is a heavy-duty dual beam cutting machine recently installed at Alpharetta metal supplier Kloeckner Atlanta Plate. The TMC4500 DB has 4 oxy fuel torches and 2 plasma torches and is capable of conventional plasma, precision plasma, oxy fuel, and drilling capability up to 4” diameter holes in materials up to …

Metal Fabricator

Metal Fabricator Kloeckner Nashville Expands Services

This article was published on: 09/28/21 8:00 AM

American Fabricators (AFI), otherwise known as Kloeckner Metals Nashville, is one of Nashville’s top metal fabricators. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, skilled operators, and over 35 years of experience offering value-add fabrication services, AFI achieves custom fabrication projects at various volumes for a breadth of customers across industries. AFI’s dual commitment to both cutting edge technology …


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