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Kloeckner Metal’s Roofing Materials in Hawaii Are Perfect for Home or Business

This article was published on: 07/1/15 1:49 PM

If you’re searching for roofing materials in Hawaii that will save you money, protect your building, and add value to your home or business, look at the high-performing metal roofing from Kloeckner Metals. Many of today’s modern buildings use metal roofing for added style, but even residential homes benefit from the durable and protective qualities …

For a Roof That Is Architectural and Safe, Consider a Standing Seam Metal Roof in Hawaii

This article was published on: 06/15/15 1:50 PM

Of all the types of roofing, their modern look and high style really stand out. The roof gets its name from the literal “standing seam” that runs from the roof edge to the rooftop. This seam is where the metal panels actually connect, and it adds real architectural depth to your roof. The Materials Of …

Everything You Need to Know about Choosing a Standing Seam Metal Roof in Hawaii

This article was published on: 05/22/15 1:51 PM

It’s no secret that the roof proves a critical component in any residential or commercial structure in Hawaii. Not only does the roofing system protect the building itself, it also safeguards everyone inside from whatever is going on outside; that’s why choosing the right roofing system solution is so important. For many business and homeowners …

Top 10 Benefits of Using Steel in Hawaii Construction Projects

This article was published on: 05/6/15 1:52 PM

The use of steel in Hawaii construction projects has many benefits; benefits that are causing builders to re-think the use of steel. As a building product, we are used to seeing steel on Hawaii high-rises, but the material can be used for homes and business construction projects of any size and we are seeing more and more …

Don’t Forget the Metal Roofing Trim to Go with Your New Metal Roof

This article was published on: 04/10/15 1:54 PM

Metal roofing trim provides a special finishing touch that will pull the look of the roof and house together and protect it from the elements at the same time. If you’ve decided to replace your roof with metal roofing in Hawaii, you’ll also want to think about the trim work to ensure the best looks …

Top Benefits of Metal Siding on Hawaii Homes and Businesses

This article was published on: 03/19/15 1:55 PM

If you are looking for durability in a siding product, metal can’t be beat. The use of metal siding on Hawaii homes and businesses is climbing as property owners learn more about its benefits, which we’ll outline below. Types of Metal Siding In Hawaii Metal siding is available in galvalume coated steel or aluminum. Steel …

What’s so Special about a Standing Seam Metal Roof in Hawaii?

This article was published on: 03/2/15 1:56 PM

Chances are good that you’ve seen a standing seam metal roof in Hawaii recently. The metal roofing panels are instantly recognizable due to their flat pan and narrow vertical rib design, solid colors, and lack of visible seams. Metal roofing and standing seam metal roofs, in particular, are taking off in popularity as home and …

Go Green with Metal Roofing in Hawaii

This article was published on: 02/2/15 1:58 PM

We often get asked if our metal roofing in Hawaii is environmentally-friendly. The answer is a resounding “YES!” Metal roofing is among the “greenest” of roofing products and consistently shows up in research studies and reports as an eco-friendly building option. Here’s why: Recyclable. Metal roofing is made of steel. Not only is steel itself …

A Look at Four Different Types of Roofing Materials in Hawaii

This article was published on: 02/2/15 1:57 PM

Home and business owners have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing roofing materials in Hawaii. But what is the best choice? The answer varies from person to person and from structure to structure but there are four primary types of roofing materials in Hawaii. Homes and businesses alike use these materials, each with …

Kloeckner Metals and Double Stone Steel

This article was published on: 10/1/14 10:00 AM

Roswell, GA – (October 1, 2014) – Kloeckner Metals announces today an exclusive distributorship agreement with Double Stone Steel for the marketing of PVD* coated Stainless and Aluminum sheet products. Under this agreement, Kloeckner will also exclusively market related fabrication services, anti-fingerprint and antimicrobial coating options along with Stainless Mesh. These products add tremendous flexibility and creative options to …


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