Metal Roofing Trim Adds a Finishing Touch to Any Roofing Project


A metal roof consists of more than just sheets covering the square footage of the roof. Gutters and metal roofing trim are just two examples of important roof accessories. Both improve the function of the roof and help to keep your structure moisture free.


Whether you have a metal roof of not, trim is an important part of the structure. Not only does it put the finishing touch on the roof’s appearance, trim seals all the joints, creates smooth and water-tight transitions between different sections of the roof which is absolutely critical in situations where the roof’s slope or direction changes. But that is not the only place you will use metal roofing trim. Look at the list below to see where else these pieces might be used to improve your roof.


Metal Roofing Trim Choices


  1. Ridge Hip or Peak Trim: This is the trim you see at the very peak of the roof. It can be used anywhere two rising roof surfaces meet, such as the ridge, a hip, or the top of a dormer.


  1. Rake or Gable Trim: These long strips are found at the edge of a slope, such as the end of a gable or the end of a dormer.


  1. Gutter and Eave Trim: Gutters and/or eave trim is installed on a buildings eaves. Eave trim is placed at the lowest edge of the roof, the eaves, to create a more finished look. If gutters are installed, they can be used with or in place of eave trim.


  1. Downspout: Downspouts are gutter components that drain the water from the gutters and then direct it away from the foundation of the building.


  1. Roof to Wall Transition or Endwall: Metal roofing trim is required any time a vertical wall surface meets a metal roof surface. This transition piece helps prevent water from sneaking in under roofing panels. Similar transition pieces may be used around chimneys and roof vents.


  1. Valley Flashing: Anytime two roof surfaces form a valley, valley trim is necessary. These pieces slip underneath roofing panels and help direct water away from the main panels.


  1. Transition Trim: If a roof slope changes, a transition piece will be needed to prevent water from getting under the roof panels.
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This article originally appeared on: We’re pleased to share...


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