Women of Steel


The women at Kloeckner are making huge impacts on the steel industry everyday. Watch our video on the Women of Steel!

Video Transcription

When I first started with the company, there were very few women in this industry especially in sales roles with our vendors. So when I got here, I did not feel that interactions with our vendors or with our customers. I felt like I’ve always been treated equally.

Being a female, I’ve never felt any reason that I shouldn’t be here. I’ve always felt accepted.

Now you go on to the shops and you see more women.

Industry’s changing and becoming more innovative.

And it starts at the leadership. They have been encouraging. They’re progressive thinkers as well. I get the sense that that’s true throughout the organization.

I feel like leadership is really open to new suggestions and ideas, regardless of position. They listen to everyone.

There are more women in the industry now promoted to positions and not so much in the standard jobs that one would think a woman should hold in the past.

I feel that Kloeckner is a very level playing field and what you want, you go after it. And your job performance is what is going to get you there.

I think especially as a mother of three little ones, work life balance is challenging. I appreciate Kloeckner allowing me to have that flexible schedule. Being able to do your day to day and still manage.

I’ve had some challenges personally with my health over the past couple years. The challenge being my not being able to be here as much as I need to be, working from home and supporting me in the way of just whatever you need. We’re here for you. And we know, in turn, you’re going to do what you need to do for Kloeckner.

I feel like management trusts that we will manage our own schedule. That feels like a family.

I’ve been pushed, I’ve been challenged. I have all the support from upper management that I need. All I had to do is pick up the phone and call somebody.

Starting out, management wanted me to train in several different departments. I did training in inside sales, fabrication, a little bit of purchasing, scheduling, and even got to ride with our drivers. So I feel like that really set me up for success right from the beginning.

It’s been great to have different mentors along the way.

Role models are everywhere. They’re on the plant floor, in the shop, the traffic manager, they’re at the sales desk. I mean, we really do have a lot of really cool people. Every time I go to a branch, I just think immensely about these people.

I feel like I’m supported by my peers, men and women alike. And even management.

I don’t feel like my voice isn’t being heard.

Right from the start, I knew that what I was doing was valued. I knew that I was being tested in a good way.

I’ve had many opportunities including tuition reimbursement to help further my career.

I know that if Kloeckner wants you to go further, being male or female, they’re going to make it happen.

A company that provides flexibility, training, other women in leadership positions, and other millennials or people that are from my generation as well as older generations, that’s all important to me. To have a mix of it all.

I think everyone meshes well. I don’t think there’s any overpowering females or any overpowering males that feel like they need to make themselves known.

We have female branch managers. We have female product managers. We have a lot of women that are taking on these leadership roles.

There’s so much opportunity to take on an industry that historically was all male. And it is really reassuring to see that we aren’t going to be held back.

Kiana Glasper
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