Millennial Emily Pilaczynski

Millennial Spotlight: Emily Pilaczynski


Millennial Emily Pilaczynski has been working at Kloeckner Metals since she was in college. She started out as a part-time employee, trying to make a little extra cash on the side.  After she got her graduate’s degree, she startedMillennial Emily Pilaczynski working full-time at Kloeckner’s Murfreesboro branch. Now she works at Kloeckner Metals’ corporate office in Roswell, Georgia, as a Data Analyst.

“It has been life changing for the better in all aspects of my life,” Emily said. “I can see so many doors opening here in the future. I think the opportunities are truly limitless.”

Emily was drawn to a career with Kloeckner because of these opportunities. As a millennial, Emily was by far the youngest person at the Murfreesboro branch during her time there. In a branch that was dominated by baby boomers, she saw a lot of potential job opportunities for herself in the future.

“There are so many opportunities that are going to be coming up in five to ten years,” Emily said. “These baby boomers are going to be retiring. If we can bring young blood in to get training and knowledge from these people who have been sitting in these seats for years, we will be all the better off.”

New technology often comes naturally to millennials. Having grown up with commonly used programs like Excel, Emily thinks that millennials not only have an advantage when utilizing this technology but that they are also able to help get other workers up to speed. Millennials, in general, are always trying to find out new ways to do as many things on the computer (and as little manually) as possible. As Kloeckner continues to move toward digitalization, these skills have become more important than ever.

“I think we as the younger generation have been a force in bringing technology to the forefront,” Emily said. “It is great Kloeckner has really embraced that.”

Emily was lucky enough to be one of the employees at the corporate office to get work-from-home time, and she believes it is becoming a crucial factor in recruiting young talent. There are simply too many jobs out there that provide that opportunity for it to be overlooked.

“Working from home has been phenomenal,” Emily said. “I find that I get way more work done at home than I do at the office.”

Recently, Emily became a first-time homeowner.  She enjoys paddle boarding and hiking. Despite residing in Georgia, she remains true to her Tennessee roots as an avid Nashville Predators fan.

“My boyfriend and I like to travel back to Nashville and go to games any chance that we get,” Emily said. “We are definitely sports fans.”

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Millennial Emily Pilaczynski
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