Millennial Evangeline Wood

Millennial Spotlight: Evangeline Wood


After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in operations management, millennial Evangeline Wood was looking for a place to build a career. Now two years later, she has found that place at Kloeckner Metals’ Cincinnati branch, working as an inside sales representative.

“I tell people, ‘Oh I work at a steel company.’ They are like, ‘Really? What do you do there?’ and I’m like, ‘It’s so fun,’” Evangeline said.

Evangeline started at Kloeckner about a year ago, a year after graduating college. Right after graduation, she had interviewed with Kloeckner, but they weren’t ready to give her a position right away. Seeing the opportunity at Kloeckner, she was persistent. When she saw that Kloeckner was still looking for someone to fill the position sometime later, she reached out again.

“I really like being close to where the product is,” Evangeline explained. “How my manager described it, you are very interactive with your customer, and I love customer-facing jobs where I can talk to them a lot.”

Growing up, Evangeline worked in manufacturing and industrial settings. Her dad owned a small business where she would go and help out after school and on weekends. She continued working there part-time throughout college.

 “I got that sense of responsibility at a younger age,” Evangeline said. “If you are going to work, you better be proud of what you are doing and integrate it into your life.”

In her first year at Kloeckner, Evangeline has learned a lot. As a millennial working in an industry dominated by veteran employees, she has access to a wealth of information and experience. She says that her coworkers have been just great at answering her questions and teaching her the industry.

“I think it really helps to work with people who actually care,” Evangeline said. “I feel like I know so much already because when I ask a question, they don’t just answer it. They really explain to me why it is like that.”

At Kloeckner, Evangeline has found a company where she can develop her career and have a bright future. She sees coworkers who have grown with the company over many years, often ending up in areas very different from where they started. She also sees a company that does a good job of helping its employees to integrate work life and home life.

“If you decide to be unhappy at work, then you are unhappy in life, and what is the point of that?” Evangeline asks. “When you start working for a company that is really into keeping their employees and making sure that you are happy in the long run, then you have happy employees.”

In her spare time, Evangeline likes to spend time with her family. Her and her sisters all love to cook. Additionally, her fitness year was kick-started by Kloeckner’s Biggest Loser completion.

 “I have really been enjoying working out, especially since the weather has been a lot nicer in Cincinnati,” Evangeline said.

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Millennial Evangeline Wood
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