Blood Drive

KloecknerCares Holds First Blood Drive

Blood Drive

Kloeckner Metals’ corporate office recently completed their first blood drive as part of the KloecknerCares program. By partnering with Yardi Systems, who shares the building, Kloeckner was able to get not one but two bloodmobiles to come out. In total, 78 people volunteered to give blood, filling all the available slots. For every person who donated, three lives can be saved.

“It was a feel-good thing for the local community with high participation that we can do again,” said Sustainability Process Manager Bonnie Stewart. “I think we are going to try to do this at least twice a year.”

The blood drive was done through Life South, a non-profit community blood bank operating in the Southeast. What makes Life South unique is that the blood collected stays in the community where it was donated. Specifically, the blood collected at the Kloeckner Blood drive will be used at Roswell area hospitals.

“KloecknerCares is about giving back and doing things in our own community,” Bonnie said. “Our mission is to support our local communities.”

Donating blood lowers the iron levels in your body every time you give blood, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease.  It is also a good way to help others which doesn’t involve giving money or much time. The idea is that you are literally giving a little bit of yourself. By holding many different types of charity events, the KloecknerCares program is trying to get people involved and keep them involved.

“We are trying to mix it up so that we don’t burn people out,” Bonnie said. “I think the majority of people want to help, they want to do stuff, but they may not slow down long enough to go do something. Our committee seeks out opportunities and presents them to our employees – we’re being successful and having fun at the same time.”

Christopher Myers
Blood Drive
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