The Nexigen® Categorization

Several producers are starting to have their steel certified as “green”. However, these certifications vary widely so that it becomes difficult for customers to compare. We have eliminated that problem by developing a universal definition. ✔ Methodology based on international standards Our calculation methodology follows ISO 14067, ref. ISO 14040 & 14044, and the internationally renowned GHG Protocol. ✔ Emissions from raw material to production Ratings include cradle-to-gate emissions, i.e. production (Scope 1), purchased power (Scope 2) & supply chain (Scope 3 Upstream). ✔ No offsetting included in CO₂ load categorization The physical production emissions determine the product’s categorization; CO₂-offsetting is not included.

Six categorizations for transparent carbon emissions

We have developed a categorization for CO₂-reduced steel so that customers can directly see the carbon footprint of their purchased product. Carbon Steel Categorization

A Comprehensive Approach

Nexigen® categorizations for stainless steel & aluminum Stainless Steel Categorization Aluminum Categorization

Benefits of Our Categorizations

on carbon footprint between products
on emissions including the supply chain
Incentive For Greener Production
leads to a growing offer of CO₂-reduced products
Unified Terminology
for a consistent definition of CO₂-reduced steel, stainless steel and aluminum
Avoidance Of Greenwashing
using the true physical footprint from raw material to production

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