Flashing in Hawaii Protects Your Home from the Ravages of Rain


Flashing Hawaii style means securing your peace of mind that your home structure will stand up to years of weather. The lush beauty of Hawaii’s islands comes with high humidity and rainfall that can wear away at your home. Without protection from the moisture that can collect within your roof, the support that you rely on to keep you safe and dry may deteriorate over time.

Rain And Moisture Damage Homes

There is the potential for water to seep in at every point where roofing or siding creates a joint. Points like the spot where the roof tiles stop at the base of a chimney or at the edge of a gutter, for example. If these edges are not sealed properly, the rain will naturally find its way into these joints and, over time, the build up of water can lead to rot.

To prevent this, joints are sealed with flashing.

Flashing Serves Three Purposes:

  1. It provides a layer of water-resistant material that can withstand the moisture
  2. It allows water to collect and flow away from the home, and
  3. It keeps the under layers of the roof dry.

Where To Use Flashing

  • Roof Peaks. The top of a pitch roof where the two sides meet is a common place for water to penetrate. Here, ridge cap flashing can be used to cover the joint or seam. There are many designs and varieties of ridge cap, so almost any roof style can use it. Customizable ridge caps are also available and preferred given the visibility of the roof peak.
  • Gutters. When a gutter attaches to a house, flashing is used to protect the gap between the roof and the start of the gutter. Drip flashing is perfect for creating an edge that the gutter attaches to, preventing the opening from exposing the roof.
  • Decks. Like a gutter, decks attach to a house and create a gap that water might fill. Drip flashing is good for this type of joint as well. Running along the support beams, this type of flashing keeps rain away from an integral part of the deck.
  • Roofing Panels. Perhaps one of the most important elements of a roof, transition flashing is set beneath and then over, the panels at points where they meet.

Buy Flashing In Hawaii At Kloeckner Metals

If you are interested in metal roofinghot dip galvanizing, or a steel service center in Hawaii, call (678) 259-8800Kloeckner Metals Hawaii is Hawaii’s most trusted metal roofing manufacturer. We have more than 50 years of experience in delivering high-quality products and top-notch customer support.

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