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Kloeckner Metals offers several great online resources for all employees looking to expand their knowledge and develop their career: the Digital Academy, Metal Learn, and the Online Training Catalog.  These three resources each focus on a different aspect of the steel business. The Digital Academy centers on the digital aspect, MetalLearn the technical aspect, and the Online Training Catalog the professional aspect.

“We know that our people are our number one resource,” said Manager of Training and Development Amanda Middendorf. “Finding ways to help equip our talent with the skills that they need in order to do the job as best they can and develop them for future roles, is really going to be what makes a difference in Kloeckner’s success.”

Digital Academy

The Digital Academy provides education on digital skills and digital platforms so that workers can stay ahead of the technological curve. It is a collaborative group run by the German headquarters which offers training and continued learning. There are resources for people of every skill level, from a complete computer novice a digital native. The topics include digital transformation, agile working methods, language learning, coding, computer skills, and many more. The resources range from short YouTube videos to full-length e-learning files which require several hours to complete. Additionally, there is a Yammer group with collaborative discussions and updates.

“If people are on Yammer, I encourage them to join the Digital Academy group,” Amanda said. “This is about being a member of the digital workforce, and no matter what position you are in, finding ways to enhance your digital skills or awareness to remain a valuable asset as the company becomes more digital.”


MetalLearn, part of the Metals Service Centers Institute (MSCI), provides education on the technical aspects of the various steel product lines. Each Kloeckner employee has a subscription to MSCI and access to this resource. This resource can help employees expand their knowledge about the technical properties of steel. Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned veteran who is trying to learn more about a different product line, these are great resources. The classes are relatively inexpensive and the company will reimburse the employee for whichever ones they are interested in pursuing.

“They have classes that introduce you to the main different product groups,” Amanda said, “and they are great resources for people who are seeking an introduction to a product line that they are not familiar with.”

Online Training Catalog

The Online Training Catalog provides professional development classes and resources. It is exclusively for Kloeckner Metals U.S. employees and is available through Umantis Training, which employees with Kloeckner computers can access directly from an icon on their desktop. The learning management system offers a wide array of resources aimed at professional development, for example, classes like facing challenges as a first time manager or hiring help. There are also technical classes for tools such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office, sales and customer service classes, and other specific management classes. All of these classes are free to the employee and can be taken anytime from any computer with internet access.

“They range from 20 minutes to 50 minutes, so they are easily done in a lunch break,” Amanda said. “If you are interested in enhancing your professional, sales, customer service or management skills, then the training catalog is a great place to start.”

Continued Improvement and Education

Continued improvement is valuable in two key ways. First, it helps employees succeed in their current role through upskilling and addressing areas that may be stretching them. Secondly, it helps employees prepare for future roles and advancement. For example, many of the higher-level positions at Kloeckner require a level of digital proficiency as a pre-requisite. The tools offered at the Digital Academy can help employees meet these pre-requisites and advance their career to the next level. Additionally, developing core leadership skills or more complete knowledge of the various product lines can help an employee diversify themselves and become a more valuable team player.

“We know that while many people are happy with their current roles, you may also want to learn something new, whether you are trying to advance your career, or simply looking to keep things interesting,” Amanda said. “Whether it is professional training, technical training, digital training, or management training we want to be able to provide some of those resources to our Kloeckner team members.”

Christopher Myers
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