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Featured Equipment: AMADA Vipros 368 with MP1530


The AMADA Vipros 368 with MP1530 is a 30 ton rush-bed machine. The AMADA Vipros is able to run highly cosmetic, pre-paint or stainless material. It has the MP1530 installed on it, so it allows to unload and load the machine. The reliability in the automation of the Vipros 368 helps our customers be more competitive in the market.

Video Transcript 

Kloeckner Metals is one of the largest metal distributors in the world. We’re very large in the United States. We have over 50 locations to service everything from long products, flat-roll products, aluminum and stainless. The machine is an AMADA Vipros 368. It is a 30 ton rush-bed machine so that we could run highly cosmetic, pre-paint or stainless steel material on the machine. We installed MP loader on it. Which is the basic automation that allows to load and unload the machine and actually run it lights out. What the turn punch does is it takes the program that the programmers have put together up here based on the engineering drawing. It takes all the variety of tools that it has and essentially it punches the part out. The tolerances on all the AMADA turn punches are going to be close tolerance machines. The whole diameter tolerances are held by the quality of the tooling. Automation helps our customer for the fact that it’s very reliable, it has a higher amount of output, so that way we can make sure that we’re taking care of our customers’ needs on time. It helps us be more competitive, then it helps our customer be more competitive in the market. It creates an operation that’s a little bit safer and allows us to have a little more flexibility with our workforce as well. Some practical examples of a turn punch part is, if you were to go outside your home and take a look at your AC unit. You take a look at the sheet metal that’s on the outside of the air-conditioner condenser, those are the kind of parts that would be pretty soft turn punch. Some other advantages that turn punch has with automation is the fact that you can have one operator do multiple operations. If the turn punch is running out of tone and it’s loading and it’s unloading, maybe that operator is running a press break and it’s taking the parts coming off the turn punch and forming them. So you can essentially create a more productive workforce. You can get more work out, make things safer because the automation did work that somebody manually be doing as well. Really what it does is it brings a lot to the table as far as productivity and safety as well.

Vivian joined Kloeckner Metals in January 2017. A recent graduate of Georgia State University, she studied Public Relations and Marketing. Vivian has been instrumental in helping Kloeckner Metals launch its marketing strategy.

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