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Employee Stories: Megan Hudgens


Megan Hudgens is the Inside & Outside Sales Manager in the Dallas branch. She has worked for Kloeckner for three years now and enjoys the relaxed environment and her competitive coworkers. Megan likes the opportunity for growth that Kloeckner offers, such as the Emerging Leaders Program, which gives you the tools to become a better leader. Watch below to learn more about Megan’s experience with Kloeckner:

Video Transcript 

I’m the inside and outside sales manager, so I oversee market trends, whether prices are going up and down at the mill. I stay on top of where demand is so I can guide my employees on how to price their quotes. I’ve worked here a little over three years now.

I moved over to Kloeckner for the opportunity. It’s a large corporation. We’re globally recognized. We’re the largest in the world. Well I love all the people that I work with. There’s definitely the family aspect. We just are a close group of people. We like to keep a team environment, and we also like for people to feel motivated and happy in their jobs, so we like to do things to reward people. It’s a really relaxed atmosphere, but also we’re all really competitive and want to do the best job that we can.

There’s a lot of opportunity for growth here. We have an emerging leaders program. The main purpose of the group is to pick people that they think might be eligible for a branch manager position in the future. They basically tell you everything that’s going on with Kloeckner’s digitalization, but they also give you classes on different financial aspects, management aspects. You get to tour other locations. Basically they’re giving you the tools to become a better leader.

Kloeckner Metals has amazing benefits. We have the best health insurance I’ve ever seen. We have pretty low deductibles compared to other competitors out in the marketplace. We have a typical 401K plan. All of our employees are offered life insurance when they start, and Kloeckner pays for that. We do have short term disability. So we have a few things I think a lot of companies don’t offer.

Also, we have different bonus opportunities depending on your role. Our sales people, for instance, they get a bonus every month based on their profit margins. It’s really a lot of nice things they do for us here. We also have great vacation opportunities and things like that. We want to make sure that everybody’s happy and rewarded for what they do.

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