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Employee Stories: Jeff Moore


Jeff Moore has been in the steel industry for 30 years but recently joined the Kloeckner team six months ago. He says that even after so many years in this industry, his experience at Kloeckner has opened his eyes to the vast amount of information there is to learn. Watch his employee story below:

Video Transcript

I’ve worked at Kloeckner for two and a half months. I’m basically an account manager selling all types of flat roll products for Kloeckner metals.

Well, I’ve known Kloeckner for many, many years. I’ve been in the steel industry for 30 years and they’ve always been an industry leader innovative in what they do. I guess the biggest difference I would say is there’s such a vast amount of things to learn. Kloeckner sells such a wide variety of products both form the standard hot roll coil that I’ve been used to but to tubing, beams, all types of other products that angels that we can sell, so it’s been challenging to learn all those products but yet it’s been pretty close to my fingertips whether it’s just a phone call or somebody here at the plant who will show me exactly what it is I need to know.

The thing that I’ve noticed most about Kloeckner is they give you the tools and want you to succeed. From product ranges to cutting edge technology with the digitalization. In the two and a half months I’ve been here anything I’ve asked for, anything I had an issue with, whether it was computer problem, phone problem, everyone has been right on top of it right away.

My experience with management has been excellent. They value your opinion, they ask you, “Do you need my help?” And when I’ve said yes or I’ve actually brought up, “Hey I believe this is a great opportunity,” they have been very receptive and very accommodating.

The relationships here I guess they’ve built faster than at other places. Sometimes you never see some of the other sales people and I’ve had great startup relationships with probably four of five of the guys who stay in touch, who email me if I need any help or how are things going, have I got my first order yet? Stuff like that.

I have no desire to go anywhere else. I want to retire at Kloeckner.

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