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Kloeckner Metals makes shopping for roofing materials in Hawaii easy. Everything you need to install a new metal roof can be found on our 5-acre campus on Oahu. We offer metal roof manufacturing, statewide delivery, and expert service to complete your job.

Visit us for:

  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems
  • Exposed Fastener Panels
  • Decorative Accessories

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems

Our standing seam metal roof systems are state-of-the-art and manufactured right here in Oahu. These weather-resistant systems are easily installed via concealed clips. Our standard 12” widths are available, with 14″, 16″, and 18″ widths available on a special order basis… You’ll find MAC 175, MAC 200, MAC 150/MAC CURV, MAC 12S, DIMONDEK 400, and DIMONDEK 600 available through us.

Exposed Fastener Panels

One of the most versatile of roofing materials in Hawaii, our exposed fastener panels work on anything from warehouses to homes. Choose from styles like: Maxi Rib, J-Rib, MAC 36HS, Deep Corrugated, and Standard Corrugated. All feature quick and easy installation for an affordable price.


No roof is complete without finishing accessories and trim. You’ll find everything you need for your roofing project, including fasteners, clips, underlayment, closures, sealants, fiberglass daylighting panels, flashing, vents, and much more.

Heat-Reflective Surfaces

We stock many colors of all our roofing materials in Hawaii. All are painted using the premium ULTRA-Cool® heat reflective Kynar 500®paint system. Our color choices are ideal for Hawaii’s hot climate and are both Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and Energy Star listed.

Learn More About Metal Roofing Materials In Hawaii At Kloeckner Metals

If you are interested in metal roofinghot dip galvanizing, or a steel service center in Hawaii, call (678) 259-8800Kloeckner Metals Hawaii is Hawaii’s most trusted metal roofing manufacturer. We have more than 50 years of experience in delivering high-quality products and top-notch customer support.

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